Your school’s mission is, and probably always has been, to empower students to succeed, whatever that means for the individual child. That being said, a standard, non-branded school layout might not be the most inspiring thing; what’s so thrilling about being in a plain structure without any personality or sense of identity?

Indeed, the right school branding can motivate the student body and push them towards achievement in arts, academics, and even athletics. SportsGraphics, your Clarion provider of wall pads, school branding ideas, and more discusses below how to harness your brand to give students the boost they need to reach new heights.

Use Collective Values to Inspire

No matter how gorgeous your logo or color scheme is, it loses meaning if your district’s values aren’t incorporated into its design. A mascot loses its representative power if there’s no significance behind its design choices or its attitude. In more plain terms: in order to empower students with your school’s values (IE tenacity, kindness, ETC) your brand must reflect them.

It’s a little tricky to translate abstract concepts into things like color schemes and school branding ideas, but a school branding pro can help. Having gone through the branding process countless times, figuring out your district’s specifics will be a piece of cake.

For more on this aspect of a motivating brand, check out our blog on the subject: “How to Incorporate Core Values Into Your School’s Branding.”

Be Active on Social Media

This gets your brand exposure, sure, which is important when it comes to recruiting new students—but as far as empowerment goes, social media presence has its benefits, too. It’s a great way to talk up your own students and demonstrate how proud the district is of their accomplishments, which in turn fosters school spirit and thus an empowering brand image.

While its effects might not be instantaneous for your brand—it takes a bit to build up a following—social media’s power, especially among tech-savvy teens and tweens, cannot be overstated.

Embrace Your Branding Wholeheartedly

Students have eagle eyes for inauthenticity. If you want to empower them, you’ll need to show through your brand that you fully believe them deserving of empowerment—through championship banners, window graphics, you name it. Demonstrate your full enthusiasm for their motivation with a school full of branded products and watch students surge ahead.

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