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Does Your Gym Need Wall Padding? How to Assess Your Facility’s Needs

Many educators would agree that extracurricular sports are just as valuable as a school's academic curriculum when it comes to creating well-rounded students. There are certain things a young person learns on the field that they won’t learn in the classroom, and vice versa. It’s for this very reason that your school should also be devoted to protecting student athletes with wall mats and gym wall padding. Athletes need to feel safe in order to play at their best, and they also need to come off the court uninjured and ready to attend class the next day.

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All About Bleacher Safety Curtains and How They Can Enhance Your Facility

Nearly every school has them, even though they come with inherent safety risks. We’re talking about bleachers. With their tiered rows, metal edges, and industrial appearance, bleachers can be both a safety concern and an eyesore in contrast to school gymnasiums decked out in logos and similar school-spirit-boosting attire. Perhaps that’s why many of us don’t remember our school’s bleachers all-too-fondly – if you remember them at all. If you do remember them fondly, it’s probably because you used to break the rules and play underneath them during recess or sporting events, which hopefully never resulted in any nasty injuries.

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