Many of us, even as working adults, still hold dear memories of our school days, especially when it comes to school spirit. Many of us, in fact, even remember what our school logo looks like, or even still have regalia from those days! This is what effective school branding does: it creates a firm and positive concept of an individual institution in an attendee’s mind, motivating positive attitudes about the school as a whole.

However, to the layperson without professional training in the subject, generating school branding ideas can feel almost impossible. Moreover, coming up with an eye-catching logo to put on anything from championship banners to pads for gym walls can come with a momentus amount of pressure, especially if you’re looking to start rebranding a school. It can feel as though the future of your institution as a whole stands in the balance. You have to get this right.

No worries; SportsGraphics is here to help. Aside from our selling of custom products, we also specialize in school branding, and we have the expertise to help you rebrand a school from start to finish. Below, we zoom in on a few key concepts to remember about school branding as you embark on this reputation-determining adventure.

Much of Good Branding Boils Down to Your Logo

Remember your own school’s logo from when you were a kid? If you do, you probably also recall the feelings it inspired. Effective school branding requires that your school’s logo—the one whose branding you’re currently in charge of—instill positive feelings in your students, ideally that of school pride. What’s the secret to effective logos? Here are several.

Keep It Simple

Convoluted logos with too much detail compete for the eye’s attention and often fail to provide an overarching message. Likewise tiny details can be hard to achieve when branding across multiple platforms. Keep the logo design simple and focused.

Add a Few Bold Colors

Only use two or three colors in your logo design. This helps keep the design simple and easy to see and recognize as your unique school. Bold but complimenting colors create energy and drama and also increase memorability.

Set Your School Apart

Your school is unique, and it deserves a logo that reflects that. Trying to imitate other school’s logos (instead of taking inspiration from them) is a shortcut to a poor logo and branding strategy. Pull your logo ideas from your mascot characterization, the identity of your school, and the characteristics you want your student body to emulate.

More School Branding Concepts To Remember

Your school’s logo goes a long way in portraying the brand and values of your school. Of course, you want to utilize color, incorporate the mascot at times, and more to create a memorable, usable logo. But, school branding encompasses more than just the logo. So, to improve your branding or to get some ideas for updates, here are a couple more things to consider.

Incorporate Slogans

Along with the logo, you’ll want to think carefully about any words you put on signs, banners, curtains, and more. Most schools have a short slogan that is often used in connection with their logo. Here, you have the chance to highlight what the school values and the goals of the organization. But, you’ll also want to pick a slogan that’s easy to read from both close-up and far away. Generally, try to keep things simple but punchy.

Utilize White Space

White space is a key component to evaluate when coming up with logos, slogans, mascots, and more. White space is basically just the spacing between various visual elements. It can be the space between words or the empty area between the logo and the slogan. You want to find the right balance in this white space. Too much distance will look awkward and disjointed, while too little will look cramped and hard to understand. Instead, strike a good balance that’s easy on the eye.

Be Careful With Scale

As you develop your branding materials, consider how they will look on all kinds of products, from wall padding to pamphlets. Think both large and small in scale. You’ll want to choose logos, phrases, and slogans that work on everything from the sign outside the school to merchandise for school pride.

Contact SportsGraphics for Comprehensive Help

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