MMA Mats
MMA Mats


Much like the high-caliber athletes that use them, SportsGraphic's MMA mats are finely tuned and can withstand the abuse of any training session. If you're serious about competing at a higher level, you'll need the training equipment to get you there injury free.

Column & Corner Pads

Column & Corner Pads

SportsGraphics offers a wide range of column and corner padding to fit all of your gym padding needs. Column and corner pads are offered in a variety of colors and dimensions, plus they can be plain or printed. Columns and corners can be deceptively dangerous. Our custom padding options provide value by preventing injuries from collision with these areas.

Custom Wall Padding

Custom Wall Padding

Digital print wall pads from SportsGraphics will simply amaze! As the first to print on wall pads, we've now perfected the process. Our digitally printed wall pads are the same top-quality wall pads that you would expect; 2" firm polychloroprene latex, open cell foam cushioning, 7/16" OSB backing and 14 oz. vinyl, which is covered by a leather-like.

MMA Mats Questions & Answers

How Long Have You Been In Business?

SportsGraphics, Inc. is a family-owned business that has been open since 1987. All of our operations and manufacturing are conveniently located under one roof in Clarion, Iowa.

How Thick Are The Pads?

Standard panel wall mats are made with 2" thick foam and a ½" wood backer for a total of 2-1/2" thick. Custom foam thicknesses are available upon request.

Can You Use Our Custom Logo?

Yes. We can use your logo or you can choose from SportsGraphics’ library of over 700+ logos.

How Does Your Mat Compare To The Competition?

We believe our 2.2-pound density foam is the best around and will retain its impact testing approval for years to come, as opposed to other mats that may wear down and flatten prematurely. We're also proud that our mats are made under one roof in the Midwest and are much more affordable than others.

If Necessary, Do You Do Cutouts For Outlets?

Every job is custom-made to fit your facility. If cutouts are needed, we can do them for a small fee.