If you’re the more practical sort, you no doubt can see the point in purchasing wall pads for your school. After all, we touched on the types of injuries wall pads can prevent in our blog “Recognizing the Symptoms of Concussive Injury.”

You may, however, not yet be sold on the idea of purchasing vinyl wall graphics for your gym, hallways, or cafeteria. What’s there to be gained out of something that’s solely decorative?

Quite a bit, in fact! Take it from SportsGraphics, your Clarion provider of school branding services, wall graphics printing, and more: wall decals do so much more than make a space look pretty. We discuss all their benefits below.

Wall Graphics Help you Establish a School Brand

In today’s competitive school atmosphere, establishing a brand—a collective district-wide identity—is more important than ever. It lets your school put its best foot forward and revolutionizes the way potential and current students think about what goes on inside its doors.

Check out our blog “How Branding Benefits Your School” for the in-depth scoop on the subject!

While there are many pieces to the puzzle that is school branding, gym wall murals are a big part of it. They allow you to put inspirational mottos, school mascot images, or even just a bold and bright school logo just about anywhere, making them an incredibly versatile piece of branding equipment.

Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics Make Your School Feel Welcoming

Face it: as a kid, you probably didn’t wake up each day raring to go to school. It could be a stressful place, after all!

Making your school feel warm, comfortable, and welcoming can go a long way toward changing that for your students today. In the era of social media and cell phones, they’re constantly subjected to stress; as a district, anything you can do to make school feel like a comfortable place where students can be their best selves is well worth the investment.

Gym wall graphics of course aren’t the be-all-end-all of creating a homey school atmosphere; again, they’re simply facets of the execution of your school brand. Still, few approaches feel complete without them.

Wall Graphics

Custom Wall Graphics Help Build School Spirit

School spirit can best be described as the pride your students feel from being a part of your district. It’s much easier to be proud of something that’s well-kept and full of personality, and wall graphics, thanks to their versatility, can help lend spaces that might need a little love a more polished air.

Wall Graphics

SportsGraphics: Gym Wall Murals That Are True Works of Art

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