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Custom Stage Padding

Are you looking to enhance the safety and appearance of your school’s gymnasium? If so, contact our safety and design experts at SportsGraphics. Through years of independent testing, we have created the safest products on the market. Our products are proven to reduce the chances of injuries and enhance brand awareness inside any of your athletic facilities. As a school administrator or coach, you are responsible for the safety of your athletes and fans. Here, we’ll discuss why you should consider installing stage padding at your athletic facility.

The Benefits of Stage Padding Installation

While you may not think stage padding is necessary, it’s crucial for your gymnasium, especially if the stage is close to the court. In high-collision sports, such as basketball, having padding installed on any surface near the court is crucial to the safety of your athletes and the longevity of the products within your gym.

Through rigorous independent testing, our safety professionals have created the most durable and safe padding solutions on the market. If your athletes or fans hit a wall or stage surface at a high speed, they can be severely injured. However, after over 30 years of never-ending research and rigorous testing, we have found the foam materials, thickness level, surface levels, and other factors that create the safest products on the market. To learn more about what goes into our stage padding, contact our team today.

Customize Your Stage Padding

Not only does stage padding bring safety features to your athletic facilities, but it also brings a variety of other benefits. When you choose SportsGraphics for your stage padding needs, our team will create custom solutions to enhance your facility. Here are some additional benefits of stage padding:

Easy to Attach

At SportsGraphics, our products can be attached to any surface. With our custom products, we can attach your stage padding to brick, wood, concrete, and more. Our products are custom-created to attach to whatever material your stage is made out of.

Easy to Maintain

Our state-of-the-art products are designed to last for several years and come with easy maintenance. They withstand hard, frequent collisions and only need to be cleaned on occasion. However, you should check for any damage before, after, and during every athletic event. Crazy things happen, and you need to ensure your products meet the proper safety standards.

More Printing Abilities

At SportsGraphics, we have a six-color printing mechanism that allows us to create eye-catching designs on every product we make. We will ensure the cover over the pad matches your school’s request, before adding any graphics you may want. We can print the following on any of our products:

  • Logos
  • Mascots
  • Donors
  • Sponsors
  • Championship Seasons
  • Fonts Specific to Your Organization
  • And more

To learn more about the designs we can print on your stage padding, contact our team today.

More Brand Awareness

With our custom printing process, we are able to enhance brand awareness and energy levels within your facility. You want the energy levels to spike when fans and athletes alike come into your facility. Seeing their school colors, logos, and more proudly displayed throughout the arena will make people proud to play and cheer for your organization, which enhances the atmosphere and brand awareness for your team.


Contact SportsGraphics Today

If you are an administrator or coach and looking to improve your athletic facilities, contact our safety and design experts at SportsGraphics today. Our team creates state-of-the-art products for a wide variety of needs, and we can enhance both the safety and appearance of your facilities. We understand that both of these factors are crucial to the success of your organization, and we will do what we can to help you.

To learn more about our services or to request a quote, give us a call at 800-257-6405 or message us on our contact page today.

Stage Padding Questions & Answers

How Long Have You Been In Business?

SportsGraphics, Inc. is a family-owned business that has been open since 1987. All of our operations and manufacturing are conveniently located under one roof in Clarion, Iowa.

How Do Stage Pads Work?

Our stage padding can be installed to best fit your facility's needs. They can be installed in 3 different ways:

  1. The standard installation method is with hinges. This allows a permanent attachment with easy access to under the stage storage.
  2. If there is no storage under the stage, the pads can be installed with flat brackets (similar in shape & size to a hinge) or directly through the front of the pad like the Ulta-Mat.
  3. Velcro attachment can be used but is not recommended because of the following reasons:
    1. Durability - Velcro will wear out.
    2. Safety - A player could slide into the bottom of the pad causing the Velcro to pop loose and potentially fall on the athlete.
    3. Removability - Some people like to remove the stage padding away for special events (plays, concerts, graduations, etc.). The more times your move your stage padding, the greater chance you have of damaging them.
Are The Pads Easy To Install?

Yes. All of the hardware and installation instructions are included with your order--no extra or hidden charges. They simply screw right into the wall, with indicators as to where the hardware is placed.

If I Wanted To Remove My Stage Pad For A Special Event, What Are My Options?

There are a couple of different ways you can remove your stage pad:

  1. Pop the pin off the hinge; similar to removing a door in your house.
  2. If your stage has a wood floor, backing out the screws a couple of times will strip out the hole. SportsGraphics can supply on request a product called Woodserts to prevent this problem. Woodserts are a machined metal insert that installs flush into the wood floor and allows the hinge to be attached using a bolt. The stage pad can then be taken on and off as many times as needed without the worry of ruining the wood floor.
How Thick Are The Pads?

Standard wall pads are made with 7/16" OSB and a 1/2" wood backer for a total of 2-1/2" thick. Custom foam thicknesses are available upon request.

If Necessary, Do You Do Cutouts For Outlets?

Every job is custom-made to fit your facility. If cutouts are needed, we can do them for a small fee.

Can You Use Our Custom Logo?

Yes. We can use your logo, or you can choose from SportsGraphics' library of over 700+ logos.