Schools everywhere are always looking for ways to connect with their students and community, but you don’t need us to tell you that, do you? As changes have occurred over the last few years, your staff is no doubt struggling to put in place the safest way to educate students, and that probably looks different from how your school has previously operated.

Indeed, change is hard for everyone, but change can also be good. SportsGraphics, as school branding experts, is here to help you bring positive change to your facility. Now’s the time to start thinking of school rebranding ideas.

Why Now’s The Perfect Time to Rebrand

But why now? Why is now the time you should start to think about rebranding a school? Won’t more change destabilize administration and the student body further, especially if it’s rushed into or otherwise done incorrectly?  After many adjustments to most school districts, the past few years, now is a good time to make positive changes. And, with a new year coming up, it’s time to have a new branding strategy for the upcoming school year, too.

And, if you’re partnered with the competent staff at SportsGraphics, you’ll be set up for success. We’ll show you why now is the perfect time to rebrand a school.

Set New Branding Goals as the New Year Rolls In

With the new year here, individuals and organizations everywhere are making their goals and intentions for the next year. After the holidays wind down, it’s the perfect chance for your school administration and teachers to decide what needs to change for the better and start making plans for the next school year.

So, get the new year off to a great start by considering how branding changes will assist your school, community, and students in the future. Here are just a few ideas for how you can make goals related to your school’s branding:

●        Set aside money in the budget to replace old banners or gym padding: Old or dirty products like these can be bad for school spirit and harm morale. Setting aside or raising money now means you’ll be able to buy new or make repairs over the summer when school isn’t in session.

●        Consider upgrading your logo: If your school’s logo looks outdated, winter could be the time to work on that upgrade everyone has wanted, so you can unveil the new one for the next school year. Here are some ideas for creating a great school logo.

●        Re-think slogans: Along with your logo, consider how the school’s logo or word choices come across on print materials. It could be time for some positive adjustments.

Use Winter for Planning & Summer Vacation to Your Advantage

New school years and all the chaos they bring make it difficult to begin that rebranding project you’ve always wanted. Instead, wait for the shift when everyone settles back into the school routine to start your branding redesign planning.

Use the winter to prepare then coordinate the actual legwork during future breaks and summer vacation, and you’ve got yourself an easy-to-manage rebranding process that’ll wow students and staff upon their return next school year.

Rebranding now also:

●        Can give you time to tackle the more difficult parts of the process | Oftentimes, getting the ball rolling is the hardest part when you’re rebranding a school, as it can involve deciding what parts of your previous image to ditch, and which to keep. Use the winter months to get this sometimes-strenuous portion out of the way.

●        Can allow you to consult with any relevant stakeholders | We all know that the first few weeks of school are messy for everyone. Your emails regarding school branding ideas can easily get buried under the landslide of communications that come with school’s beginning. Begin the project and reach out now, when things are quieter, and seeking feedback will be much more successful.

●        Gives you time to thoroughly check out the best sports branding companies in your area. Though, once you peruse our website and see what we can do, we think you’ll be settled on SportsGraphics!

Contact SportsGraphics Now for the Ultimate in School Rebranding

It is the ideal time to rebrand your school. So, whether that means a total rehaul or some smaller adjustments over the next months, SportsGraphics is ready to assist your school in this exciting endeavor. We’ll see your ideas from brainstorming to finalization, then supply custom wall mats and more to put your school rebranding ideas into action. If you need a steady hand to help you through the rebranding process, give our Clarion office a call at 1-800-257-6405.