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Branding is one of the most important aspects of any school, large or small. Your brand is how people feel when your school is mentioned. It's what differentiates your school from others. A clear brand describes who you are, who you want to be, and whom people perceive you to be… your culture.

The foundation of your brand is your school logo. For example, competition gyms, athletic uniforms, hallways, building exterior, website, marketing materials – all incorporate your school logo and communicate your brand.

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SportsGraphics has helped schools like Van Meter and Cardinal find their identities, transform their culture, and significantly increase open enrollment. Your school could be next. Ready to get started?

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Your Brand Tells People About Your School DNA

From students to staff to the community, your full brand experience tells everyone about the kind of school you are. This is how you share your vision to the outside world.

Your Brand Represents You and Your Promise to Your Students

It's critical to remember that your school brand represents YOU. As an administration, you are the brand. Your staff is the brand. Your students are the brand. Your gym, hallways, facilities are the brand. What do they say about you?

Your Brand Helps You Create Clarity and Stay Focused

As an administrator, you wear many hats and we know you're busy. Let SportsGraphics help you develop a clear plan and brand strategy to portray your vision for your school. Your brand will help guide marketing efforts and promote your culture on a consistent basis.

Your Brand Provides Motivation and Direction to Your Staff and Students

A clear brand identity provides clarity, togetherness and school spirit that your staff and students need to be successful. It tells them how to act, how to win hand how to meet your school's goals.

Your Brand Helps Differentiate You From Other Schools

In today's world of open enrollment, it's critical to stand out from the crowd. You are no longer trying to just satisfy a local community; today your school competes in a regional environment. So what makes you stand out from the other competing schools?

Your Brand Generates Referrals

This means more students and more federal and state dollars. In a time of dwindling enrollment the money you spend to brand your school is money well spent.

Your Brand Helps You Connect With Your Community Emotionally

Your brand emotionally connects you with your community. People love to share their great experiences. If your gym is clean and colorful and decked out with your school brand, people will share that experience. Take a good hard look at your own gym. When was the last time someone visited and praised it to you or someone from another community? If that has never happened, you're missing a golden opportunity to promote your school.

It's worth repeating: A well-designed school brand creates an instant emotional connection with students, parents and the community. Think of some logos (your high school, college, Nike, Coca-Cola, NFL, Apple, and the NBA) that have an impact on you. Wouldn't it be great if others felt the same identification with your school?

Logos, mascots, school colors, inspirational sayings…all can be a part of your school brand. The goal is to make people feel good when they are in your school or wearing your brand.

At SportsGraphics, we care about your school. We are truly engaged with our clients and are passionate about partnering with schools who wish to transform their culture. SportsGraphics firmly believes that, as we proved at Cardinal Community School District, physical environment affects attitudes and effort. We want to help your vision become reality.


Where to Start

Style Guide

It all starts with our Style Guide. Your school needs a consistent and uniform look and feel. Your school Style Guide is a document that contains vector formatted artwork of your official school logo, secondary logos and wordmarks, along with your official school pantone colors and fonts. This document is meant to be shared with sign makers, t-shirt printers, media, other schools and anyone else who may need to reproduce your logo. You work hard to build your reputation and culture and your Style Guide from SportsGraphics allows you to be confident that it is being represented correctly.

Style Guides are the gold standard for professional sports teams, colleges and businesses as a way to protect their brand. These groups spend thousands of dollars to develop these documents. We are offering this service free to all our clients with a minimum purchase of $2,500. So, there's no time like now to get things started with your free Style Guide from SportsGraphics.

Wall Padding

There are two undeniable facts about wall padding. First, it is a must-have item to protect your student athletes in your gym. Second, there isn't a single place in your school that has more visitors or where you have a better opportunity to make a positive first impression on people.

Learn more about our wall padding options >

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are your silent ambassador for your school.There is no better way to promote your culture and vision than to have it professed down the hallways or on the gym walls. There are no boundaries to the creative process on wall graphics. Motivational and inspirational quotes can really make the difference in a student's or faculty member's day.

Learn more about our wall graphic options >

Window Graphics

SportsGraphics is a leader in manufacturing eye-catching window graphics for exterior or interior use. Our window graphics will dress up any set of windows, whether it's the main entrance to your building, or any other areas where you may want to enhance the security of your facility by blocking the view in but still allowing people to view out.

SportsGraphics boasts a digital printing process that will impress you. Whether you want school logos or sponsor advertisements on your window graphics. Durable, UV curable inks let us print your artwork directly onto the window graphics. Our designers can take an existing design or create something that will amaze you.

Learn more about our window graphic options >

Conference Banners

Custom conference banners show school spirit and adds an instant boost in pride to any gym or hallway. Large, full-color, and full of the best printed graphics and designs around, SportsGraphics has the top conference banners, and any other custom banner imaginable.

A digitally printed banner from SportsGraphics is done with the highest competency and efficiency. We pride ourselves on having one of the shortest lead times of anyone, when supplying personalized banners. All our work is completed within our facility, from design to manufacturing. With state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated staff, you can be sure you're getting the banners money can buy.

Learn more about more our championship and conference banners >

Step Graphics

Custom Step Graphics show school spirit and adds an instant boost in pride to any gym or hallway. Full-color and full of the best printed graphics and designs around, SportsGraphics has the most appealing step graphics in the business. Go the extra step in promoting sponsors, your social media outlets or just enhance school spirit in general by utilizing this often ignored but highly visible space.

Learn more about our custom step graphics >

Bleacher Safety Curtains

Bleacher safety curtains from SportsGraphics are customized vinyl curtains that fit to your bleachers and prevent traffic and accidents from occurring underneath them. They are made with durable 14 oz. vinyl and are designed to open and close with the bleachers - no need to ever take them off.

Not only do our bleacher safety curtains prevent accidents and keep young fans where they should be, they are also designed to help complement your banners, wall padding and other items to give your gym a consistent branded look.

Learn more about our vinyl bleacher safety curtains >

Wrestling Mats

The Roll Out Mat by SportsGraphics, has burst onto the scene as the logical choice for middle schools, high schools and colleges across the country, as their go-to competition mat. With the Roll Out Mat, you're getting superior craftsmanships from the heartland and premium quality for your athletes.

The Roll Out Mat is lightweight, durable, easy to clean, and comes with an industry leading 5-year warranty. Available in a variety of sizes, colors and graphic options, the Roll Out Mat is truly customizable in every sense of the word.

Made of durable 24-ounce vinyl, our wrestling mats offer superior grip and protection for athletes, and meet all standards of construction for use in wrestling tournaments, by passing all impact testing with flying colors. All Roll Out Mats are protected for a clean and safe anti-microbial surface.

Learn more about our vinyl wrestling mats >

Now is the time to start your school branding efforts. We want to be your branding partner and help your versions and ideas become a reality

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