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Step Graphics For Your High School Or Gymnasium

Are you looking for a way to revitalize the bleachers in your school or gym? SportsGraphics has the perfect solutions with step graphics. By using step graphics, you can boost your school’s brand, while fueling school spirit & pride in your school or sports team. Step graphics also engage your community, as they are the perfect tool for unifying all your school fans.

To find out more about how you can use step graphics to display your school colors, logo, or mascot, contact SportsGraphics today at 1-800-257-6405.

Step Graphics Specifications

Step Graphics from SportsGraphics contain features that truly set them apart from the competition.

  • Custom design. We have the versatility necessary to help you with any idea you bring to the table. SportsGraphics can take your vision and turn it into reality by printing it straight to the product of your choice. We have the knowledge, skill, and equipment necessary to perform any printing job.
  • Durable materials. Once installed, you can expect your step graphics to last anywhere from 2-5 years. They are hands down the most durable graphics in the industry.
  • Suitable for any steps or bleacher system. Regardless of what your steps or bleachers look like or how they are constructed, SportsGraphics can create step graphics that fit perfectly to create a cohesive layout. You can add any design or style you want. Simply send us the graphics file.

High-Grade Step Graphic Design And Printing

Our creative team is ready to help you produce an industry-level design, with a professional, clean design and high-grade finish. Our attention to detail helps us to complete every job with absolute precision.

We have an innovative printing process that puts ahead of most printing companies in both our production and timely service. Every step graphic we create and install can be seen throughout the entire school or sports complex. So, whether you want step graphics for your school, gym, or field, everyone will be impressed and inspired when they see the upgrade you’ve made to the steps.

We print everything in-house in one central location. That allows us to work as a singular unit in which everyone can collaborate and communicate on-site. We can speed up any order and work together to meet deadlines and produce stellar step graphics for any high school or organization.

We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing products that bring you 100% satisfaction throughout the entire project.

Professional Sports Graphic Design Printing

If you are ready to move forward with your step graphic printing project, then contact SportsGraphics today. We offer a wide range of printed products including bleach enclosures, step graphics, wrestling mats, outdoor padding, and window & wall graphics.

To find out more about our products or schedule a consultation, call us at 800-257-6406. You can also message us on our contact page.

Custom Designs & Sizes Image

Custom Designs & Sizes

Step graphics from SportsGraphics are available in any height, length and shape! We'll work with you to create the perfect design that you're looking for.

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Promote Your Social Media Outlets

Go the extra step in promoting your social media outlets by utilizing this often ignored but highly visible space.

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Heavy Duty & Long Lasting

Applied properly, step graphics are guaranteed to last as long as the steps they're stuck to. Simply the most reliable on the market.