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School branding: Concepts to Keep in Mind

Many of us, even as working adults, still hold dear memories of our school days, especially when it comes to school spirit. Many of us, in fact, even remember what our school logo looks like, or even still have regalia from those days! This is what effective school branding does: it creates a firm and positive concept of an individual institution in an attendee’s mind, motivating positive attitudes about the school as a whole.

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Concussions: Protecting School Athletes

Concussions: a common injury for players of contact sports everywhere. Though football immediately comes to mind as a sport in which players are liable to face the risk of head injury, everything from soccer to hockey to track and field can theoretically cause significant head trauma if an accident occurs. Even day-to-day gym classes can pose a threat! No athletic activity, regardless of the level at which it is played, is completely risk-free.

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