See What people are saying about SportsGraphics

See What people are saying about SportsGraphics

"We see ourselves no different than Nike, Under Armour or Kellogg's. We want people to be excited about our brand."

Joel Pedersen Cardinal Community Schools

"Schools have to do a good job of marketing and branding what it is that they stand for."

Deron Durflinger Van Meter Community Schools

"We didn't trust anyone except for SportsGraphics to make our safe wall pads. We look forward to many safe years in the DPHQ2."


"From the wall mats to the pictures on the wall to the logos and state banners that are out in the hallway…The totality of what we've done with them, it really makes a unique facility."

Bob Howard, Athletic Director Webster City High School

"I would recommend SporstGraphics Inc. just because of their innovation. They can do things that you are not going to see in other schools right now."

Steve Haberman, Principal C-G-D Middle School

"You don't have to be a large school to be able to afford the wall pads and the wall graphics…our community is really proud of what we have here and it gives a great first impression to our district thanks to SportsGraphics."

Michael Kruger, Principal Eagle Grove Elementary School