School branding is an artform in and of itself. Though art in the form of pictures might be presented on championship banners and wall graphics, creating a truly moving school atmosphere requires forethought, artistic skills, and a knack for imagining how a decorated space will look when filled with students.

In short, making a masterful brand idea work school-wide isn’t as easy as it looks, but SportsGraphics is here to help. Below, we’ll talk about how to promote aesthetic unity throughout your entire building when investing in branded products.

Your Style Guide Is Your Best Friend

With every school branding company, you should receive, at the end of the process, what’s called a style guide.

In short, it’s a big document that details all the individual parts of what comprises your brand—fonts, exact color hues, logos and their secondary counterparts, you name it. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic in-depth, check out our school branding ideas blog, “Why Does a Style Guide Matter?”

Schoolwide brand unity absolutely hinges on proper use of this guide. Requesting a “sort of purple” color for a new wall decal, for example, won’t cut it when you need a specific pantone hue! Students will notice this inconsistency and it contributes to a sloppy school image.

Try to Keep Decorations Evenly Distributed

Of course, you’ll probably have some spaces that are more decked-out than others (your gym needs branded wall mats, for example), but the more you work to evenly saturate your school with branded products, the more the brand’s impression will rub off on the student body as a whole. A wow-worthy lunchroom is great, for example, but if your band room is lonely-looking and devoid of attention, your school’s overall “look” is compromised.

Don’t Compete With What’s Already There

Branded products are by far the best way to get students behind your school’s brand—but in order for that brand’s look to be “read” correctly, smart use of such products is essential. If your hallway is plastered with student projects, for example, you probably shouldn’t stick a wall decal right next to it. It’s not a “unified” look—it’s one that just screams cluttered! Maybe the main entryway, which is looking a little bland, would benefit more.

Contact SportsGraphics for Branded Products and More

Rebranding a school can be an overwhelming process to take on alone—but you’re never alone when SportsGraphics is around! From brainstorming to style guide to customized products to boot, we give your school everything it needs to be at its branded best. Give our Clarion office a call today at 1-800-257-6405.