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Why Stair Graphics Matter in the Implementation of Your School Brand

Stairs: everyone loves to hate them. We all know, though, despite our constant griping about climbing them, that they serve an important purpose logistically. Did you know that they serve an important purpose in your school branding, too? We’re not talking about the stairs themselves—it’d be a little hard to build a staircase in the shape of your school’s mascot!—but about what you put on the stairs. No, not anti-slip footing: we’re referring to stair graphics.

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Two Reasons to Hire the Pros for School Branding Help

If you’ve stayed abreast of school trends, you’ll no doubt have noticed the importance that school branding now plays in everything from inspiring school spirit to building a broader positive reputation for your district—and a handsomely branded school also does good things for funding!

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Using Your School's Brand to Boost Spirit During Distance Learning

While some schools have resumed in-person teaching, for the time being, others are taking a more digital route. Digital learning may be a great way to minimize risk and allow students to take care of themselves during this difficult time, but it also poses its own problems: namely, loneliness. Being stuck in isolation, away from peer groups, certainly doesn’t do a child well in this respect, and it certainly doesn’t do much to make them feel like the part of the tight-knit community that thrives within your school.

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Does Your Gym Need Wall Padding? How to Assess Your Facility’s Needs

Many educators would agree that extracurricular sports are just as valuable as a school's academic curriculum when it comes to creating well-rounded students. There are certain things a young person learns on the field that they won’t learn in the classroom, and vice versa. It’s for this very reason that your school should also be devoted to protecting student athletes with wall mats and gym wall padding. Athletes need to feel safe in order to play at their best, and they also need to come off the court uninjured and ready to attend class the next day.

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Why Now is the Perfect Time to Rebrand a School

Schools everywhere are reeling in the wake of the Coronavirus, but you don’t need us to tell you that, do you? Your staff is no doubt struggling to put in place the safest way to educate students, and that probably looks different from how your school has previously operated. Indeed, change is hard for everyone, but change can also be good. SportsGraphics, as school branding experts, is here to help you bring positive change to your facility. Now’s the time to start thinking of school rebranding ideas.

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Rebranding: Should Your School’s New Brand Blend In or Stand Out?

If you’re looking into rebranding a school, every idea must be judged and scrutinized closely. Does it promote an environment of inclusivity? Do your colors clash or harmonize? Are you fully committed to the complete school branding process with this idea in mind? While you may have many questions at this point in the process, one you must inevitably grapple with is “Should my school rebranding idea blend in or stand out?”

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5 Reasons to Invest in Roll Out Mats

For student athletes, many lessons can be learned on the court or in the heat of competition. Sporting events and gym classes are therefore a crucial part of your students’ education, but if you have just one gymnasium, it can be challenging to make it work for all types of athletic activities. Plus, it’s likely your gym must frequently and quickly transform back into a space suited for general PE classes, which means you might not want to install anything that would be hard to take down. So how do you provide a safe sporting environment for all different kinds of athletes?

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What You Must Think About when Rebranding Your School

Rebranding a school is quite an extensive process. No matter if you’re creating a new brand from the ground up—new logos, new color scheme, the works—or simply fine-tuning the one you have now, there’s so much to think about. What message do you want to send to your student body with this change in the brand? What about parents? Staff? Logistically, how are you going to go about making sure all your school branding ideas come to fruition? Have you found the right company for the job?

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Questions to Ask Your Wall Mat Provider Before Buying

Whether you’re just replacing worn-out wall mats or completely overhauling things as part of a school branding procedure, new wall padding can brighten up your facility and keep your athletes safe. By investing in your school’s infrastructure, you’re also sending the message that you care about your students’ wellbeing, which can do great things for school spirit. No matter what angle you look at it from, new wall padding is certainly worth the investment.

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How to Keep Student Athletes Safe in the Gym and on the Field

In the wake of the Coronavirus, everyone is beginning to refocus and double down on safety. If you lead an educational facility, it’s not only germs you have to worry about but injuries too, especially when it comes to students in sports. As character-building and fun as these opportunities can be, it’s undeniable that all sports create the possibility for physical injury.

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