When your athletes hit the court, you know they have the skills they need to keep themselves safe while playing hard. However, many schools offer or require a daily gym class—and while these classes are an important outlet for the entire student body, they can be tricky to run.

Children in the same class can be at wildly differing physical fitness levels. The same activities are not suitable for everyone, and that can leave some students either injured or feeling left out. At the same time, though, segregating by ability level can lead to similar results.

How can you keep everyone, no matter their ability, in a daily gym class both safe from injury and mentally engaged?

Addressing the Physical Side

Arguably, daily gym class is much more unpredictable than any official sporting event. When non-athletes begin to get fit, there’s bound to be a few learning curves, and being athletic means different things as far as your school’s various sports are concerned. All this means that, thanks to the variety of skills in the room and the potential lack of experience with a given activity, things can quickly get out of hand.

Prevent Concussive Injury With Custom Wall Pads

You need gym-wide protection in the form of wall mats to prevent any sort of concussive injury to fledgling and experienced athletes alike. When students are concentrating on learning a new activity, they can easily forget where they are; plus, your school wouldn’t want to lose an athlete in a given sport because they were injured while trying to learn another.

Addressing the Mental Side

Gym classes can be tough for some kids—physically, of course, but mentally, as well. If they find themselves significantly behind their peers, it’s all too easy for them to get discouraged. Since everyone deserves to get something positive out of gym class, it’s your job to prevent this!

Boost School Pride With Branded Products

One of the easiest ways to boost morale is to deck out your gym in branded products, such as gym wall graphics, window graphics, or bleacher enclosures. By doing so, you remind every student in your class that they’re all part of something bigger than themselves, and that they all work out under the same mascot. Promoting unity helps to make everyone feel included—even the students that might not be as athletically inclined as others.

SportsGraphics Has All you Need for School Branding and More

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