If you’re like a majority of schools across America, you probably have some semblance of a student-body-wide identity. This can take the form of a mascot, collective values, and perhaps a few championship banners here and there.

However, if you’re really looking to boost student and parent engagement, you need what’s called a brand—and no doubt that’s why you’re here. It might look like a complicated process to begin to create one, but we at SportsGraphics are here with you every step of the way.

Ready to begin the road to sensational school branding? Read on!

Narrow Down Your Identity

Your brand is all the good parts of your school—its standout traits, its desires, and its bright future. Narrowing those down to what they individually mean for your school can feel like quite the undertaking!

Just start out by answering these few questions, though, and you’ll be well on your way.

●        What makes my school different—in a good way—from other schools?

●        What do I want students to feel when they walk into my school? What about parents? Other stakeholders?

●        What district-wide image do you want to convey to the community at large? 

An important note: all stakeholders, or as many as possible, should be consulted when building a school brand. A district isn’t just the opinions of one person; it’s often made up of hundreds. So while this is a useful brainstorming process, it’s not to be confused with consulting who you need to.

Once you’ve finished this exercise, you might feel like you’re just left with a bunch of ideas and nothing really to show for it. But all those ideas are exactly what makes a brand; we just need to make it tangible.

Use These Ideas as Springboards

Rebranding a school in its entirety involves changing everything from the color scheme to the mascot, and now you have the characteristics that will define each of those. If, for example, your district values tenacity, you might select a bulldog for your new mascot. If you want to inspire energy in your students, perhaps a bright color combo is in order.

Get the Pros on Board

Of course, a school brand is more than just a bunch of random ideas tossed together; it’s a cohesive theme that, when set into motion, is bigger than any and all of its concepts on their own. Working with brands on a comprehensive level is a learned skill and requires years of experience—and it’s both of these attributes that SportsGraphics provides.

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