Like anything else going on in your school or organization, most people reap the benefits of your branding and marketing campaigns but rarely understand how much money and effort it takes to make them happen. Therefore, like anything else, you must raise money by raising awareness of your branding projects.


Below are some ways that you can raise money to fund your branding projects while gaining support in the process.


Crowdfunding makes it possible for your organization to reach a broader audience on a well-established format that is easily accessible. There are a number of online platforms out there that let you collect funds for good causes. Especially for sports teams, you have special providers to choose from:



●       MakeAChamp

●       Sportfunder

●       RallyMe



Here are some ideas for optimizing a crowdfunding campaign online:


●        Don’t just sell your organization. Rather, tell your story. People love stories.

●        Set a target amount you are reaching for. If you don’t tell others what you want, you are likely to get anything including nothing at all. Goals are compelling; reaching in the dark is not.

●        Support your campaign with photos and videos.

●        Create a win-win by giving something back to the giver. Create perks, rewards, or something in return for different levels of giving.

●        Use every avenue possible of getting the word out including social media.

Go Big and Look for Sponsors

Most fundraising campaigns include a handful of people reaching out to large groups of people. And while going for the masses definitely pays off, you may be able to get more accomplished with less effort by going directly to individuals or businesses to sponsor your branding project. Here are some tips for securing a sponsor:


●        Know who to ask

●        Learn how to make a pitch

●        Know your selling points

●        Be clear and open in your discussion

●        Think big and don’t be afraid to ask

●        Don’t take rejection personally. Go on to the next persons.

●        Make sure your prospect understands why giving is important.

Host a Fundraising Event

Host an event in which you offer participants food, entertainment, or lots of activities with the specific goal of raising money for your project. Are you out of ideas? Here are some that work well with different organizations:


●        Sports exhibitions or talent shows

●        Bake sales

●        Car wash

●        Raffles

●        Fundraising run

●        Parties and social gatherings

●        Formal dinners

●        Carnivals

Sell Branded Sports Merchandise

Sports merchandise is a $700 million industry. Fans are more than happy to shell out money for jerseys, t-shirts, water bottles, hats, phone cases and other paraphernalia sporting their favorite team’s logo.


Talk to your school or organization and find out how you can work together to create sports paraphernalia that people will love. You may want to sell items that are not already in the school store. Think of items that people use every day like keychains or tumblers.

Sell Coupon Books or Discount Cards

Everyone loves discount cards and vouchers. Discounted offers for local and national restaurants and businesses allow customers to get very good deals and save a lot of money.


You sell the cards and vouchers for a set price and come with a healthy profit margin. The best part: you usually only have to pay for the cards or voucher books you actually sell. This type of fundraising measure is very popular with customers so you can do it repeatedly once a year.

Professional Graphics Printing & Design

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