It is hard to talk about certain sports these days without talking about the risks involved. While people associate most injuries with full-contact sports, such as football, hockey, and wrestling, they can occur in any sport. In today’s world, as scientists develop more technology, they are able to understand more of the repercussions that come with certain injuries, such as concussions.


According to the Mayo Clinic, concussions are considered traumatic brain injuries that alter the way your brain functions. Even in non-contact sports, concussions can happen frequently, and though it cannot prevent every concussion, proper wall padding can play a drastic role in preventing these types of injuries.

Do You Have The Proper Equipment To Reduce These Injuries?

As more startling evidence comes to light about the frequency of concussions in athletes—especially young athletes—steps are being taken to better understand the injuries and how they affect every person. As with people, no concussion is the same, and they affect everyone differently. With these new studies, more schools and organizations are taking steps to protect their athletes.

SportsGraphics’ Wall Pads Can Prevent Injuries

At SportsGraphics, we pride ourselves on taking initiative to keep athletes safe. In our over 25 years of operation, we have always put the safety and health of athletes above anything else. In order to do this, we have and continue to provide the highest quality pads for any and all athletic facilities.


Safety is no joke, and to better understand how wall pads absorb shock and impact, we have conducted our own independent research. In these studies, we have found that our 3” pads provide excellent protection when collisions occur, thus preventing concussions.


The more our wall pads absorb shock and impact, the less likely it is for athletes to be injured by blunt force, which can prevent injuries of all kinds. Each wall pad is constructed with the customer’s wishes in mind.


At SportsGraphics, we work with our customers to ensure their wall pads are to the exact specifications they asked for. In doing this, we ensure that both the customer is pleased and that their athletes are protected and at less risk for injury.


To learn more about our wall pad designs and distinctions, call or message one of our representatives today to ensure your athletes receive the best protection possible. If you already know what you want, request a quote today to get started.