Using your gym as an assembly space, your art room as an English space—quite a few schools are under square-footage strains these days. This, in some cases, can make it hard to cater to each of a multipurpose space’s needs. For example, you’d want your bleacher enclosures to promote energy and rambunctiousness to a degree, but during a solemn assembly such effects can be counterproductive.

SportsGraphics is here to help. Below, you’ll find a few tips on how to make school branding work for you—regardless of how many different subjects your few classrooms see in a day.

Focus on Collective Student Unity

Sure, gym class requires energy, and math requires focus—but who are your students aside from what they need to be during a school’s subject? What holds your student body together, and what values do you want them to embody?

Basing your school branding ideas off of those more character-driven concepts, instead of the vibe a certain subject needs, can create a brand that fosters school spirit across classes—you’re focusing on the one constant: the students.

Use Colors, Logos, & Slogans in a Cohesive Way

When branded products will be used in multi-use spaces, coming up with cohesive designs is especially important. You can use color, font, and other design elements to create this cohesion, so that these products work well for different purposes.

Choose slogans that are more general and promote student wellness and positivity. And, when picking a logo, go for something recognizable but general. For example, you don’t want to have logos that focus too much on one thing, such as sports.

For ideas on good design for school branding, check out our blog on the best concepts to keep in mind when designing logos and more for your school.

Enhance Common Areas

Of course, media centers and gyms need attention too, but the fact of the matter is that not every student is going to use every space every single day if they’re always moving around.

What they will use daily, however, is your hallways, cafeterias, and atriums—common spaces, if you will. In a school whose pupils spend a significant amount of time traveling between spaces for different subjects, branded content in the hallways and the like is rendered extremely effective.

Plan for the Future of a Space

Sure, maybe a given hallway leads to classroom A, which is currently used as an English and silent reading space—but as your school’s demographics change and shift, will that always be the case? Focus on collective student attributes, like we said above, but in the same vein stay away from subject-specific branding endeavors unless you’re positive the space’s nature won’t change.

It’s a little silly to have a nice big wall graphic of your mascot reading when you’re in a math and science exclusive area, for example! While a love of reading is of course a character-driven concept like we described above, it’s still tied to a specific subject and thus has specific placement needs.

Work With Design Experts Who Can Customize Your Products

To ensure your school’s branding works for many reasons and purposes, you’ll likely need to work with a company that understands good design. You also want to choose a business that specializes in customizable school barding. At SportsGraphics, we understand that each school is unique and that your branding approach has to meet the needs of your students. Our branded products can be customized to fit these unique needs.

Whether you need specific products for one room or event or general products that capture school spirit, you can work with us to print the right colors, logos, slogans, and more. You can use many of our products in multiple rooms, so start with our custom wall graphics to get some ideas.

Contact SportsGraphics Today for First-Class Help in Rebranding a School

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