In a sports-oriented city, not much can compare to attending a football game under the lights. Though that atmosphere is almost always bound to be great, it can be enhanced. If you were to add something as simple as wall graphics or custom designs to your wall pads or other unique features, you could create a new level of excitement in your facilities.


At SportsGraphics, we have helped countless programs increase spirit and awareness with our customized products. When you choose our team, we will come to your facility and take into account all the amenities and designs you already have before starting work on your new project. Here, our experts will discuss the best ways to enhance the atmosphere at your facility.

Add Graphics to the End Zone

An easy way to enhance the atmosphere at your football facility is to add custom padding and graphics to the end zone. What better way is there to celebrate a big scoring play than running toward your own end zone where your mascot or school logo is there to greet you at the base of the goalpost? Scoring for the team you love while playing the game you love is an unbeatable feeling, which can only be enhanced with our services.

Put Graphics on Surrounding Structures

Most football facilities are surrounded by fencing, as well as ticket offices, concession stands, pressboxes, and more structures. Installing custom graphics on these structures is another easy way to increase excitement levels and cultivate a unique atmosphere for your fans and athletes.


Some graphics you could implement on different structures include, championship titles and years, mascots, logos, inspirational quotes, school slogans, and more. A vital part of branding is ensuring your audience connects with the team to create a new level of excitement.


Additionally, surrounding the playing field graphics that are easily visible to the athletes on the field, as well as the coaches and other staff members, can encourage the team to play at a high level to live up to the legacy of the teams that came before them.

Add Graphics to Locker Rooms or Tunnels

To increase the excitement and passion of your team, consider having SportsGraphics install custom graphics in the locker room or the entrance tunnel if your program has one. By doing this, you can spark excitement in the team that reverberates before and after games, as well as during halftime.

Contact SportsGraphics Today

If you are looking for ways to enhance your sports facilities and the excitement surrounding them, contact our team at SportsGraphics today. With our help, we can increase the excitement levels surrounding your program. To learn more about our services or to request a quote, give our team a call at 800-257-6405 or message us on our contact page.