Nearly every school has them, even though they come with inherent safety risks. We’re talking about bleachers. With their tiered rows, metal edges, and industrial appearance, bleachers can be both a safety concern and an eyesore in contrast to school gymnasiums decked out in logos and similar school-spirit-boosting attire. Perhaps that’s why many of us don’t remember our school’s bleachers all-too-fondly – if you remember them at all. If you do remember them fondly, it’s probably because you used to break the rules and play underneath them during recess or sporting events, which hopefully never resulted in any nasty injuries.

If you’re a school administrator looking for ways to increase safety and brand awareness in your sports facilities, SportsGraphics is here to help! Let’s take a closer look at the many benefits of state-of-the-art bleacher safety curtains.

The Benefits of Bleacher Safety Curtains

As the name implies, bleacher safety curtains are material that caps off the end of the bleachers, covering the open space and making it impossible for people to get underneath the structure.

Bleacher safety curtains can be more than simple sheets of tarp. When you order custom bleacher safety curtains from SportsGraphics, you can get your logo emblazoned on the side. When people come to your facilities for games or other competitions, they’ll be both better protected and surrounded by your school’s branding. The benefits are well worth the investment!

●        Improve Safety

Safety is just as important for fans as it is for players. While your athletes benefit from gym wall padding and wall mats, your spectators – especially children – are kept safe by bleacher safety curtains. They prevent wayward youngsters from wandering under the bleachers, getting stuck, and causing a massive kerfuffle at important sporting events. 

●        Enhance Brand Awareness

Plain bleachers can be ugly. SportsGraphics bleacher safety curtains are custom designed with your desired colors and graphics.

●        Share School Spirit

The more your gym is prepped for the occasion, the more special it’ll feel, the harder your athletes will play, and the wilder the crowd will go. Create an atmosphere of school spirit with custom bleacher safety curtains and watch adrenaline-pumping games in an inviting atmosphere.

Contacts SportsGraphics for High-End Bleacher Safety Curtains

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