Few things heighten campus vitality and school pride like athletics. Students love to rally around sports teams as they compete against rivals.


For this reason alone, one of your core focal points needs to be on branding your school. Students, alumni, faculty, and staff need to feel the intensity of your school pride, everywhere they go.


And, nowhere is branding more important than your sports complex. Your arena, gym, or field provide the perfect platform for you to develop your school’s brand.


4 Ways for You to Build Your School’s Brand Right Now


Building your brand begins by incorporating as many visual components to your sports facility as possible. When fans walk into a gym or spread out across the bleachers, they need to be blown away by sports logos, team colors, mascots, and slogans.


Here are five ways you can achieve this:


1. Custom Banners

The reason banners are a powerful brand booster is that you can place them virtually anywhere in your school. Hallways, fences, arenas, classrooms, and entryways. You can customize banners to fit in any area. If you’re creative, you can also use your fans, cheer squad, or even athletes to hold them up during games.


2. Wall Graphics

Like banners, wall graphics offer versatility - you can position them anywhere in your facility. The only difference is that wall banners provide a more permanent design. They’re great for creating historical benchmarks in your sports program. They also offer flexibility. You can change them or update them as needed.


3. Window Graphics

One of the reasons why schools love window graphics is because they provide a unique aesthetic to any environment. Natural light penetrates the windows and highlights the graphic. The effect will instantly create energy in the area and draw the attention of everyone who walks by.


4. Gym Wall Padding

Like bleacher enclosures, gym wall padding offers a safe, impact-resistant solution for athletes. They are especially useful in basketball gyms to keep players from slamming into a concrete wall. You can plaster your wall padding with stunning graphics that fans can clearly view from the other side of the gym.


Powerful Branding Products From SportsGraphics


If you are looking for a viable and affordable solution to creating more exposure for your school brand, contact SportsGraphics today. We offer a wide range of branding products such as banners, floor mats, wall displays, and other highly visible decor for your facility.


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