Ah, the stage—the center for the performing arts! Whether it’s the show choir bringing down the house or the theater group holding the audience on the edge of their seats, just as much goes on here educationally as does in any sports field.

But because it’s not, per se, a part of a sporting venue, you may be tempted to skimp on the padding for your stage. We at SportsGraphics are here to say: don’t! Your students deserve protection from concussive injury all across your school—and the stage can be a center for that more than you might think. Plus, stage padding comes with its own share of benefits, which SportsGraphics is here to detail below.

Improve the Versatility of Your Space With Stage Pads

Who’s to say you can’t turn the same room your stage is in into a gym? Nobody, that’s who—just be sure to be safe about it and buy gym stage padding. The same open space that allows you to seat hundreds for an assembly can be a hub for everything from volleyball games to band concerts to even a rowdier school carnival! Reduced safety concerns means a room reaches truly limitless potential.

Keep Those Who Use the Stage Safe

Theater requires a fair amount of dashing about and shouting, often in heels, and children in the musical arts often don long dresses at the upper levels—all the easier to trip over. Though it might not seem as glaringly obvious as it does with, say, football, the potential for injury is still there, and given the lack of protective equipment those using the stage wear, it could be said that they are significantly at risk.

Padding away sharp edges can take away a significant health risk should a student happen to fall. Not only will the show go on, but your students will breathe a little easier during each performance.

Use Your Stage as a School Branding Opportunity

Your school uses its stage to show off its talents—so why not use those talents to bolster school spirit with the help of gym stage padding? Just like watching a football game, the performing arts can give parents, staff, and student peers alike that same rush of pride with simply rightfully attaching your school’s name to what it’s doing.

For more information on the importance of school branding, check out our blog, “How Branding Connects You With Your Community and History.

SportsGraphics: Stellar Stage Pads and Sensational School Branding

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