Rebranding a school is quite an extensive process. No matter if you’re creating a new brand from the ground up—new logos, new color scheme, the works—or simply fine-tuning the one you have now, there’s so much to think about. What message do you want to send to your student body with this change in the brand? What about parents? Staff? Logistically, how are you going to go about making sure all your school branding ideas come to fruition? Have you found the right company for the job?

While you needn’t worry about that last question if you’re working with SportsGraphics (you definitely have found the right company!), we understand that such a change can still be tumultuous and leave you overwhelmed and confused. We’re here to help you simplify. Below, we’ll describe a few crucial questions that you must tackle when it comes to school rebranding, no matter the extensiveness of the project.

Think About Your School Rebranding Ideas as Marketing

Ideally, your brand is a well-intentioned communication tool used to inspire positive feelings about your school. It’s quite similar to a marketing campaign for a commercial business or the like. Therefore, it’s important to think about school branding at times from a marketing perspective. Doing so will help you ensure that it sends the proper message to students, staff, and parents alike.

But what if you have no marketing training? Where do you begin? Well, take it from us as school rebranding experts: you begin by asking the right questions.

●        Do your school rebranding ideas make sense from a rational perspective? Step away from brainstorming color schemes or logos for a moment. Is the approach you’re taking logical? In other words, does it fit your school’s environment? For example, making your school mascot a flimsy anthropomorphized flower might not suit a district with a particularly fierce football team.

●        What emotions does your intended rebranding prompt? For instance, full grays and diluted colors might initiate sleepiness—certainly not something you want to see in students and staff! Similarly, a fierce-looking mascot might give your district a fighting spirit. Thinking about the vibe your rebranding might give out is essential to that vibe’s fine-tuning.

●        Does the brand bring your school together for a common purpose? Any good school brand will promote unity among the student body, which it represents. Will yours?

Contact SportsGraphics for Comprehensive School Rebranding

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