If you’re looking into rebranding a school, every idea must be judged and scrutinized closely. Does it promote an environment of inclusivity? Do your colors clash or harmonize? Are you fully committed to the complete school branding process with this idea in mind? While you may have many questions at this point in the process, one you must inevitably grapple with is “Should my school rebranding idea blend in or stand out?”

Usually, you want to fall somewhere in the middle. Blending in too much is counterproductive. You want something that denotes a clear school identity and promotes school pride, after all! On the other hand, standing out too much can also be a bad thing – some concepts are too out there. You want something that appeals to a wide and diverse audience, not something that people will struggle to see as relevant.

Striking this balance is difficult, but SportsGraphics is here to help! We’ll explain how to create a school branding idea that stands out but maintains aspects of conventionality.

Standing Out is Often More Difficult Than Blending In

Conventionality is comfortable. Many people default to it when it comes to branding a school, but that doesn’t have to be what you do! Try these tips to help your school stand out from the crowd.

●        Ask yourself what makes your school unique. Every learning institution is unique. What are your core values? What is your history? What’s the culture like? Try to pinpoint what it is that makes your school different from the rest,. and create your mascot and logos based on that.

●        Try picking color combinations you haven’t seen before. While tried-and-true color combos exist for a reason, this is an area in which experimentation is relatively safe. Envision your logo, window graphics, and gym wall pads in different color combinations that will set your school apart from the rest.

●        Could you change your mascot? Certain mascots are common because they are neutral and familiar (Eagles and Bulldogs come to mind). But in the right circumstances, stretching the boundaries of what works as a school emblem can be just what your school brand needs to be memorable. Have you ever heard of Scottsdale Community College’s Artie the Artichoke? Now that you have, we bet you’ll never forget him!

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any school, large or small. Your brand is how people feel when your school is mentioned. It's what differentiates your school from others. As a Clarion provider of school branding services, we’re ready and waiting to help you with our communicative team and our years of expertise. Give us a call now at 800-257-6405.