If you’re like many people, you may think the windows of your school serve one purpose: to let in natural light. Of course, natural light serves a multitude of purposes in itself, such as cutting down on lighting bills and boosting student morale, but without windows to let it in, your school is left in darkness. Perhaps the importance of natural light is to thank for the conventional ideas surrounding the functionality of windows.  

However, your school’s windows can serve additional purposes without sacrificing that ever-important natural light. Indeed, with intelligently-placed window graphics, some of the positive effects they naturally have on your student body aren’t hindered, but amplified! SportsGraphics, a Clarion, Iowa, provider of school branding ideas and perforated window decals, explains how below.

Perforated Window Decals and Windows: A Match For The Ages

Perforated window decals are, essentially, large graphics made to be attached to windows. Through the puncturing of tiny holes through these graphics, one-way vision through them is allowed, while the graphic appears solid on the opposite side. These graphics can be bold, bright, and statement-making and can be an important component of many school branding programs. Talk to SportsGraphics for more info about this topic!

In addition to that, though, perforated window decals can help maximize the benefits your windows already bring to your school, as well as bringing their own perks to the table.

●        Through intelligent placement, you can keep or enhance your architecture’s use of natural light | Though many perforated window decals offer shade and privacy for those inside a given building, their intelligent placement can provide that in such a way that your school’s lighting is enhanced. After all, students can better appreciate the presence of both sunlight and shade when they can experience both.

●        Window decals show school pride to the passerby | Your windows are massive swaths of poorly used real estate. They could be used for so much more than simply letting the light in! With large window decals, you’ll be demonstrating school spirit to anyone who lays eyes upon your school, which crafts a positive public image and shows you take pride in what your students and staff do.

●        Window decals can be used to help students focus | As amazing as windows are, what’s seen through them can be distracting, especially for students with certain learning disabilities. Smart placement of window decals can help all of your students work distraction-free, as they can provide a perforated screen over the outside world.

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