If you lead an educational facility, it’s not only germs you have to worry about but injuries too, especially when it comes to students in sports. As character-building and fun as these opportunities can be, it’s undeniable that all sports create the possibility for physical injury.

As a school administrator or coach, it’s your duty to prevent injury and keep your student body safe, but how are you to tackle such a broad obligation? Of course, you’re driven to protect the welfare of your students, but the concept of “safety” as it pertains to school sports is so multifaceted. How can you make sure you have all your bases covered, so to speak?

SportsGraphics, a Clarion, Iowa provider of school branding resources and wall mats, is here to help. Let’s go over a few safety measures you can take to ensure all of your student athletes, no matter what sport they play, can take to the court or field safely.

It’s All About the Right Equipment

First and foremost, invest in only the highest quality personal gear that your school can afford. We’re talking helmets, mouth guards, and any other applicable equipment for the specific sport. Your students’ safety is on the line. Remember this and acknowledge your role in it.

Beyond the standard equipment required for safety in each sport, there are many types of athletic facility padding that can help prevent injuries at indoor and outdoor sports facilities. As soon as you get the chance, go out and check all of your school’s various facility padding equipment.

Gym Wall Padding

One of the most crucial school safety products is padding around the walls. So many sports and activities are held in the gym, and when students are running around, things can get dangerous quickly.

A crucial factor in preventing head trauma and concussions, your school’s gym wall padding protects athletes and fans. In high-contact sports like wrestling and basketball, wall pads are critical to reduce the chance of injury during a collision. If your gym has very old or worn out wall pads, prompt replacement should be a priority.

Bleacher Enclosures

No matter if you’re trying to protect students in elementary school, junior high, or high school, you probably know that kids like to have fun and mess around a little. One place that might seem like a grand time to youth is bleachers, as kids might think it’s fun to play under them, but that type of behavior can quickly lead to falls and injuries.

Installing bleacher safety curtains can not only help mitigate student accidents but also help deter theft, vandalism, or any other criminal activity. So, they are an overall good idea to keep your school running smoothly and keeping your students safe.

Stage Padding

Your school’s stages, whether in a gym or auditorium, are essential areas where students, faculty, and even parents can gather for events. From pep rallies to performances, stages are critical for community and recreation in a school setting. However, you want to protect the area below the stage and between the audience. With custom stage padding, you can show off your school’s colors and name while also protecting students from accidents.

Outdoor Padding

When you think of protecting students from injuries, you might imagine mats around gyms, but many injuries from sports and other school activities happen outside. You want to provide extensive protection whenever possible, so looking into outdoor padding options is ideal.

From chain-link fencing to goalposts, the right outdoor padding can protect your athletes from all sorts of dangerous collisions. These products are important for football, cheerleading, soccer, and much more. Checking this over before the season begins is of utmost importance!

Protect Students And Show Off School Pride!

If you are looking for state-of-the-art products to enhance the safety and brand awareness at your athletic facilities, contact our team at SportsGraphics today. We know the safety and appearance of your athletic facilities should be prioritized, and we can create custom products designed to help your school stand out while keeping everyone safer. If your school is in need of better wall padding, bleacher enclosures, or even a whole new rebranding, we’d be happy to help. Give us a call now at 1-800-257-6405.