Whether it’s a knight, lynx, wolf, or something else entirely, you no doubt are invested in your school branding’s mascot design—so you’re thrilled to have given it a revamp!

As we covered in our school branding ideas blog “What Makes a Great School Mascot,” there’s a lot that goes into a great one, too, which makes it even more exciting to show your new design off. On top of all that, as school branding pros we can safely say that displaying your mascot proudly is a great way to get folks excited about your brand.

SportsGraphics has all the products you need to create a phenomenal school image. Here are our top picks for branding products that highlight your mascot!

Branded Wall Pads

Gym wall padding is a necessity for preventing concussive injury, as we discussed in our high school gym padding blog “Why Proper Padding Reduces Injury Risk.”

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with how it looks! Bright colors add a pop of visual interest to your gym space, sure—but so do pads printed with your mascot.

At SportsGraphics, we’re proud to offer premium digital print wall pads that hold up faithfully season after season. Because the image is printed directly onto the pad, you won’t experience the wear-and-year in the form of flaking and ripping that decals can succumb to.

We were the first to print on our wall pads, and our innovative process has now been honed to perfection!

Wall Decals

When wall decals are properly placed and not subjected to constant physical stress, they too can display your mascot proudly for a good long while—especially when you go with SportsGraphics for your provider!

Brighten up those swaths of unused wall space that make your school feel cold and uncaring with our custom wall graphics. With our products’ versatile application capabilities, there’s almost nowhere your mascot can’t be flaunted!

Bleacher Safety Curtains

Invest in school branding real estate you didn’t even know you have! Bleacher curtains, as their name implies, cover the sides of your bleachers, preventing small children from playing among them and getting hurt and saving game attendees and major headaches from lost valuables.

They put the fun in “safety fundamentals,” as well as displaying your mascot as loudly and proudly as an art gallery would.

Plus, when you buy from SportsGraphics, you’ll get a custom-fit, easy-maintenance bleacher enclosure that radically shifts the vibe in your gym.

SportsGrapics: School Branding Ideas and the Products to See Them Through

From high school gym padding to championship banners, we’ve got everything you need to finish off—or completely construct—the school brand of your dreams. Reach our Clarion office today at 1-800-257-6405.