Are you looking to increase brand awareness at your athletic facility? Wall graphics are an excellent way to build school spirit and create a cohesive brand for your school or athletic center.

Before you install your wall graphics, you want to ensure the area is prepared. This way, the wall graphics will look great and last as long as possible.

Where to Get Wall Graphics

At SportsGraphics, our safety and design experts have been helping customers nationwide design and install various products, such as wall graphics. Wall graphics are a unique product that, when properly designed and installed, will instantly catch the eye of anyone who walks through your doors.

These eye-popping products are so crisp they appear to be hand-painted. However, before you can install wall graphics, there are a few things you need to check to ensure the installation will be smooth and will last for several years.

Our experts at SportsGraphics will discuss these steps so that you can get started!

Choose the Location

Before doing anything else, you must choose where your new wall graphic will go. In order to provide you with the product you requested and ensure it will adhere to the surface of specific walls and be to-scale, we need to know about the specifics of the surface and will work with you to create a plan and get you what you need.

When designing and installing wall graphics,  you need to consider consulting with a professional, such as our experts at SportsGraphics. The location of your wall graphic will determine the design, the colors your school chooses to use, the size of the graphic, and more.

Maintain the Surface

Before you install wall graphics at your athletic facilities or elsewhere, you must ensure that the wall is in proper working order. If chunks are missing from your wall, excessive scratches, cracks, peeling surfaces, and more, you should repair them before installing your wall graphics. While the graphics we install will adhere to the surface regardless, they may not look as sharp and crisp if there are blemishes surrounding the graphic.

People will likely notice the damage and be less impressed by the efforts you have put into branding, which can negatively affect attendance and the atmosphere within your facilities.

Keep the Area Clean

Before placing the wall graphic, ensure the wall is clean and clear of debris and dirt. If the area hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, you may want to do a deep clean that includes stripping off the paint or varnish and re-doing it.

Otherwise, just wash down the area with water and a gentle clear. Then, wait for the wall to dry completely. Now, you can carefully place your new wall graphic!

How to Maintain Your Wall Graphic After Installation

Once the wall graphic is installed in a clean, well-maintained area, you’ll want to continue general upkeep. This way, the wall decal will last for as long as possible and keep looking crisp. Make sure to keep the wall around the graphic wiped down on occasion.

You can also gently wash over the decal itself, just don’t use any cleaner that strips the material.

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