Gym padding serves many purposes. The obvious being that school gym padding keeps students and spectators safe during sporting events and other activities. It's vital that gym padding is kept in good condition so it can serve this essential function. After all, breaking or damaged gym padding may contribute to injuries instead of helping to prevent them.

Well-maintained gym padding also helps raise morale and spread school spirit. A well-designed gym padding can blend in with the setting and even show off a school logo.

To keep your school's gym padding in good condition, it's helpful to know a few maintenance tips. Get the down low from the SportsGraphic team in this guide.

1. Clean Regularly

The first step in maintaining your school's gym padding is to clean them regularly. Frequent cleaning and sanitizing by wiping the padding down with a gentle cleanser and water will keep gym padding from looking gross and worn down.

Students will likely touch these pads throughout the day, so regular cleaning will keep them from looking dirty and oily. A good cleaning will keep these products looking fabulous and showing off your school's branding.

2. Replace Broken Panels

With normal wear and tear, gym padding can break down over time. So, if you notice rips, tears, or any other major issue with the panels, it's best to request a replacement from SportsGraphics.

While more minor issues might not be a concern, if the padding is falling off or has a major tear, it's essential to get a new one as quickly as possible. This matters for the safety of your athletes, as well as for the aesthetic value of the padding.

3. Protect Gym Padding From Reckless Behavior

While gym padding keeps students from slamming into a wall during a basketball game or other sporting event, it's not there to be played with. Instruct students not to rough house or mess around with the gym padding outside of their intended purposes. Ensure these rules are enforced to keep the gym padding in prime condition.

Customizable Gym Padding for Your School

At Sports Graphics, we provide gym padding for your school's needs. Our gym padding products are durable and designed to protect students and everyone else. We also offer customizable gym padding in your school's colors and logo.

Contact us today to request a replacement or to get more maintenance tips. Request a quote here!