Inspiring institutional pride in the impressionable bunch that is high schoolers – now that’s a challenge!

While youngsters can be engaged by a school mascot making an appearance at a pep rally, the older students are a much tougher crowd, potentially turning up their noses at the same effort, or worse, even cringing. When looking to inspire school-wide pride with your branding in high schoolers, you must take a different, more nuanced approach.

It’s All About Atmosphere

Teens don’t like things being shoved in their faces, and they’re wise to adults trying to rope them into feeling a certain way. That’s why great school branding ideas are all the more important. By creating an entire atmosphere that reflects school spirit and pride, your school brand can influence them to be at their best in ways that over-the-top internal school pride campaigns cannot.

Consider Gym Wall Graphics to Inspire Toughness

It’s not only your athletes that must push themselves and learn how to work together as a team. Those lessons are learned in mandatory phy-ed classes each and every day!

By declaring your school’s unity on the walls of your gymnasium, you associate your image with camaraderie, resilience, and a school-wide ability to bounce back – valuable things for your students to take with them both to and from the court.

Window Graphics Are Versatile Tools

Need reminders to behave properly near the cafeteria? How about honorably in the hallways?

By investing in perforated window decals, you’ve got a one-size-fits-all branding tool to use wherever you need to subtly remind students of the institution they represent. Because they’re not limited in shape and only marginally limited by location, their uses are almost endless.

Bleacher Curtains and Championship Banners Can Rile Students Up for the Big Game

There’s nothing that can bring students together like universally backing a school’s team. When the excitement from that is augmented by reminders or why they’re doing that (in the form of championship banners) and made visible (in the form of branded bleacher curtains), though, you’ve got a space made for great memories and great vibes – both of which you want associated with your school.

SportsGraphics Has All you Need for School Branding

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