If your district is lucky enough to have a rec center, you’ve got a huge source of income just waiting to be tapped. However, this can be difficult to do in these current times, especially when you’re experiencing limited attendance.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! With the right branded products and attitude, you can inspire new and returning attendees to get the most out of your rec center, allowing your district to do the same. SportsGrapics, your Clarion provider of school branding services and more, has the details below.

Address Your Community’s Individual Needs

Rec centers, just like school branding, aren’t always about following the crowd. In fact, yours will probably benefit the most from an individualized approach that addresses the needs of your locale’s students, financial stakeholders, and attendees.

Don’t go with what’s in vogue or what’s the flashiest. Seek inspiration from whom your rec center is used by to determine how it could better play its role – and better bring you profits.

A Note on Demographics

Though school grounds and athletic facilities might impact students more directly than their parents, your rec center might be a different story. It probably is the host of a variety of community events, for example, and proportionally fewer students may use it daily than, say, your gymnasium.

Therefore, for the best success, in considering what your district’s rec center should do to improve you may weigh the opinions of groups differently than you would for upgrades or changes made within school walls.

Use Branded Products to Make the Place Feel Like Home

Previous section aside, your school’s rec center is still a part of your district, and using your district’s brand to bring in attendees is always a smart move.

Items like custom wall pads, branded column padding, and even stair graphics can make the space feel just like your school gymnasium. Which, in this case, is a good thing. People within your community are more likely to gravitate towards familiar spaces, especially in a time of so much uncertainty.

Plus, branding your rec center like your school makes the place feel wholesome and family friendly. Both are angles that harmonize perfectly with that familiarity to create a space that’s quite the draw.

SportsGraphics: All-Around School Branding and Product Help

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