School branding is the process of coming up with the face of your school—the image that the passerby calls to mind when laying eyes on your facility. It’s so much more than a mascot or some pretty gym wall padding, though those are two facets that may play a role in it; it’s crafting the very personality of your school as a whole.

Of course, you want to be original! Nobody likes a person who just parrots everything they hear is trendy these days. Plus, that person is bound to be unmemorable and have little sense of what makes themselves unique. They’ll fade into the noise of a thousand other people—or, in your case, a thousand other schools—emulating the same thing they’re trying to emulate.

When it comes to school branding ideas, there is value to trends and reliable standbys! We don't mean to say there isn’t. We simply know, as experts in rebranding a school, that, on some level, you want to celebrate what makes your facility novel. We also know that school branding is best accomplished with the pros like us on your side to help.

School Branding Pros Help You Craft an Original Image

Being original isn’t hard; your school is already doing it, as there is no other facility on Earth with the same student body and staff as yours! What is hard, though, is getting to the bottom of this originality and harnessing it to craft the desired image. Luckily, the school branding pros at SportsGraphics can help you capture lightning in a bottle, so to speak, and create a school brand that’s as individualistic as your facility.

●        We have firsthand knowledge of the school branding industry | We’ll help you stay away from cliched color combinations and moldy-oldie mascot ideas. SportsGraphics works hard to keep abreast of what’s going on in our field, and we’ll use this knowledge to your advantage.

●        We treat every client as an individual | With our top-notch customer service approach, we’ll quickly get to the bottom of what sets your school culture apart.

●        We’re professional creatives and old hands at school branding | Having been in the business for decades, we have intricate and working knowledge surrounding school branding that you and your faculty may not. Harnessing originality isn’t something that just anyone can do; it’s a process that takes years to master completely as we have.

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