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4 Reasons to Choose a Full-Service Company for School Branding

Rebranding a school is a complex process, and there’s a lot more that goes on than just slapping new outdoor wall padding up to refurbish the fields and calling it a day. It’s an entire overhaul of a school’s image, often including an improved color scheme and standardized fonts. Every decorative and practical item, from conference banners to wall mats, must now be made to the school branding guide’s exact specifications in order for the extensive process to be fully effective.

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Why Stair Graphics Matter in the Implementation of Your School Brand

Stairs: everyone loves to hate them. We all know, though, despite our constant griping about climbing them, that they serve an important purpose logistically. Did you know that they serve an important purpose in your school branding, too? We’re not talking about the stairs themselves—it’d be a little hard to build a staircase in the shape of your school’s mascot!—but about what you put on the stairs. No, not anti-slip footing: we’re referring to stair graphics.

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Why Originality Matters When it Comes to Rebranding a School

School branding is the process of coming up with the face of your school—the image that the passerby calls to mind when laying eyes on your facility. It’s so much more than a mascot or some pretty gym wall padding, though those are two facets that may play a role in it; it’s crafting the very personality of your school as a whole.

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All About Bleacher Safety Curtains and How They Can Enhance Your Facility

Nearly every school has them, even though they come with inherent safety risks. We’re talking about bleachers. With their tiered rows, metal edges, and industrial appearance, bleachers can be both a safety concern and an eyesore in contrast to school gymnasiums decked out in logos and similar school-spirit-boosting attire. Perhaps that’s why many of us don’t remember our school’s bleachers all-too-fondly – if you remember them at all. If you do remember them fondly, it’s probably because you used to break the rules and play underneath them during recess or sporting events, which hopefully never resulted in any nasty injuries.

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Rebranding: Should Your School’s New Brand Blend In or Stand Out?

If you’re looking into rebranding a school, every idea must be judged and scrutinized closely. Does it promote an environment of inclusivity? Do your colors clash or harmonize? Are you fully committed to the complete school branding process with this idea in mind? While you may have many questions at this point in the process, one you must inevitably grapple with is “Should my school rebranding idea blend in or stand out?”

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Three Things To Consider When Building A New Gym

While there are a variety of things you need to consider when constructing a new gym, safety is one of the most prevalent issues to keep in mind. Additionally, you should consider the building plans for your new gym when deciding how to design the available space. Your sole focus should not be only on the size, capacity, and construction of your school’s new gym. You also need to plan ahead for design aspects. You need to factor into your budget the amount you anticipate spending on protective features, such as wall padding, and other design features, such as championship banners, wall graphics, and more.

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Decorating Your School’s Bleachers

Turn your plain brown or grey bleachers into a powerful branding platform with SportsGraphics’ bleacher step graphics! Many schools have found branding their facility helps to boost their programs image, school spirit, recruiting, team pride, and increase community engagement. Whether you are covering your bleachers in team colors or touting your school’s mascot or logo, bleacher step graphics can help you take your school branding to the next level.

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