You thought it would be simple: draw up a mascot, pick a couple of colors, order some gym wall mats, and boom, you’ve just accomplished some serious school branding. Now, though, you’re lost in style guides, caught between color combinations (what are complementary colors anyway?), and your logo designs look like they’ve been made by a marker-happy six-year-old. Why on Earth is rebranding a school so darn complicated?

Take it from an expert in school branding ideas: there’s a lot more that goes into the process than a lot of people think. And that confusion you’re feeling? It’s good. It means you care about the outcome. Given that school enrollment is increasingly competitive, you need to care in order to make any headway when it comes to this multifaceted process. You’ll also need professional help.

School Branding Pros: Essential for Any School Branding Project

How nice would it be to break this process down? Pretty nice, if your experience is anything like the one we mentioned above. As school branding pros, we at SportsGraphics are here to simplify this massive project and leave you with a product, be it an entire school branding package or high school wall mats alone, that your whole school body will love.

●        Rest easy: we’re great at breaking things down | We’ve been at this for decades, and we’ve mastered simplifying the school branding process into a manageable package for clients. While we’ll move along at a nice clip, our team always makes sure to communicate what we’re suggesting in a language that you can understand. Our process is easy-to-follow.

●        We make it easy to find what makes your school shine | Every school is different, hence why we handle our clients likewise. While we’ve learned over the years how to go about school branding to make it easy for you, we’ve also learned how to quickly and simply get to the bottom of what makes your school unique—a crucial element in any school branding process, which our other blog this month explores!

●        We’ll leave you with an organized style guide to make future purchases straightforward | From your color schemes to fonts, a style guide contains everything there is to know about your school brand, and we offer a personalized one for free with a minimum purchase of $2,500. Make communicating with t-shirt designers, the media, and beyond simple with a free and organized style guide from SportsGraphics.

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