While some schools have resumed in-person teaching, for the time being, others are taking a more digital route. Digital learning may be a great way to minimize risk and allow students to take care of themselves during this difficult time, but it also poses its own problems: namely, loneliness. Being stuck in isolation, away from peer groups, certainly doesn’t do a child well in this respect, and it certainly doesn’t do much to make them feel like the part of the tight-knit community that thrives within your school.

Luckily, as a school with a strong brand (or as one who has recently undergone a school branding makeover with SportsGraphics), you have the power to harness your school’s brand to help your students feel connected and valued through these tough times. We discuss how below.

It’s Time to Put Your School Branding Ideas Into Action

When you underwent the process of rebranding a school, you knew your ideas were solid. You selected colors, mascots, and designs that worked in harmony to create a sense of strength,  belonging, and acceptance that permeated your building’s halls. Now, it’s time to put those ideas into action! While your physical building might be decked out in anything from personalized wall mats to gym wall graphics, you’ll need to get a bit more creative to extend your community-building brand to your remote students.

●        Include a small mascot decal at the end of your email correspondences | Even small reminders of school pride like this one can do wonders for a student’s motivation! Personalized emails can add a touch of warmth to any student’s day, reminding them that they’re a part of and welcomed by something much bigger than themselves.

●        See if your distance learning platform will allow you to display your school’s brand anywhere | You can either play with the colors that make up students’ home pages or try to find areas in which you can upload a picture of your school’s logo. Just because your students aren’t in your building doesn’t mean they must be completely separated from what it means to be a member of your district.

●        If you’re lending out computers or electronic devices, do so with your school’s logo as a background | It will inspire students to treat the device with respect, as it’s technically not their property, but it will also remind them of the strong community of classmates and staff that’s just a text or video call away.

Need School Branding Help? SportsGraphics Has You Covered

Your brand is an integral part of getting your district through this pandemic. Don’t skimp on it. For personalized branding help, give our Clarion office a call now at 800-257-6405.