If you’ve stayed abreast of school trends, you’ll no doubt have noticed the importance that school branding now plays in everything from inspiring school spirit to building a broader positive reputation for your district—and a handsomely branded school also does good things for funding!

It’s because rebranding a school is such an important part of making your facility stand out that some administrators choose to dive into the process on their own, without the help of the pros at SportsGraphics to help. They want things done fast, they want things done cheaply, and they want things done their way; when it comes to matters of school spirit, you just have no time to wait around for help!

While we commend your DIY ideals and your passion for your school, our services exist for a reason—multiple, in fact. Below, we’ll scratch the surface of the school branding process and describe why you need pros like us to help you through it.

The School Branding Process Is Confusing

We call it a process for a reason, after all—school branding is composed of multiple steps, and each step is crucial to the outcome of the entire process. Get one thing wrong and your school branding efforts could turn into massive headaches for you and result in disappointing changes for your district as a whole.

Indeed, it’s not easy to get school branding perfect on one’s own; in fact, we wrote all about how confusing the endeavor is for the layperson on our school branding blog (and also how we help to mitigate this confusion). However, with the experienced pros at SportsGraphics on your side, your vision for a brand will be conceptualized simply and correctly from the ground up. Check out the aforementioned blog for more information on how we simplify the school branding process.

The School Branding Process Is Expensive

New wall mats, new gym wall padding, new stair graphics… your school’s new brand is going to come with a fair share of new equipment, which is a substantial investment in funds. You’re going to want to get that brand right before you slap it all over your building, or you’ll risk starting the school branding process all over again.

Aside from this being quite jarring to your students and a lot of work for you, that’ll mean that you’ll need to purchase additional products, which is quite the waste of time and resources. Get school branding right the first time with the pros at SportsGraphics and save your district money in the long run.

Do School Branding the Right Way With SportsGraphics

From style guides to wall pads, we offer comprehensive school branding help plus the products you need to express your brand. Give our Clarion office a call now at 1-800-257-6405.