While there are a variety of things you need to consider when constructing a new gym, safety is one of the most prevalent issues to keep in mind. Additionally, you should consider the building plans for your new gym when deciding how to design the available space. Your sole focus should not be only on the size, capacity, and construction of your school’s new gym. You also need to plan ahead for design aspects. You need to factor into your budget the amount you anticipate spending on protective features, such as wall padding, and other design features, such as championship banners, wall graphics, and more.


Here, our team at SportsGraphics will discuss important things to consider when building a new gym. Our methods are proven, and we know we can help you get the look and atmosphere you want in your facility.

Create Your Blueprints, Then Imagine the Design

After the architects you have hired complete the full designs for your new structure, you can then begin to envision the inside design of your new space. To create an unbeatable atmosphere within your athletic facilities, you need to consider broadcasting your program’s achievements on a large scale. At SportsGraphics, our experts can help you choose what additions may be best for your facility. Our team offers a variety of safety products, like wall pads, and we custom print your logos, text, and graphics on them, so they don’t fade or peel away. This enhances the appearance of your facilities and helps establish pride and home field advantage. Here are some of the other products we offer:

●        Custom Banners

●        Wall Graphics

●        Window Graphics

●        Step Graphics

●        Bleacher Safety Curtains


Each of these products varies in cost, and it is important to factor the products of your choosing into your budget for your new building. To learn more about how our products can help you, contact our team at SportsGraphics today.

Plan for the Future

No matter what level of athletics you are in charge of, it’s crucial to design and construct your new building with thoughts of a potential expansion in mind for the future. In high revenue environments, such as college and professional sports, a time may come when your new coach may want new facilities and designs for current facilities. If that is the case, you may want to consider designing a new gym that has room around it for potential expansions and renovations. Planning for the future of your facility before construction even begins can save you money in the long run and can allow the process to go much more smoothly.

Research to Find the Best Team for Your Project

The most important aspect of building any new gym or facility is finding a reputable team to take care of your needs. It is important to research companies you believe may fit your needs, as well as speak with others who have done business with them, and speak with the company itself. You need to ensure the company you hire can handle all of your needs, and if they can’t, you need to find another cost-effective company to service some of your projects that may take a specialty service instead of a large, encompassing contractor company. For the safety and design needs of your athletes and fans, contact SportsGraphics to learn more about how we can create an electric atmosphere at your facility.

Contact SportsGraphics Today

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