Rebranding a school is a complex process, and there’s a lot more that goes on than just slapping new outdoor wall padding up to refurbish the fields and calling it a day. It’s an entire overhaul of a school’s image, often including an improved color scheme and standardized fonts. Every decorative and practical item, from conference banners to wall mats, must now be made to the school branding guide’s exact specifications in order for the extensive process to be fully effective.

In short: a lot goes on in the school branding process! That’s why you need a comprehensive company like SportsGraphics, who works with you from design to implementation and provides the top-quality products you need to make your brand shine. Below, we’ll dive into just a few of the benefits of hiring such a multi-skilled business to see you through.

Full-Service Support Means Superior Quality & Faster Results

After diving into school branding, you’ll probably have a lot of questions along the way, along with a lot of opinions. We get it – it’s a big change!

With a start-to-finish company like us, you have one point of contact who can get you all the information you ask for, streamlining communication and empowering the school branding company to bring you the personalized results your school needs.

But the benefits of a one-stop-branding-shop don’t just stop there.

●        Cut down on your research time. If you were to hire separately, you’d need to spend hours vetting branding companies and stage padding makers and conference banner designers and—the list goes on and on. Stick with a dual-purpose company like SportsGraphics and save yourself the time and the trouble.

●        Your brand will be created with future buys in mind. Comprehensive companies like us can design with your school’s specific product needs in mind, resulting in flawless results.

●        Innovation is par for the course. With both fields to play (school branding and the products that facilitate it), a dual-purpose company can use the relationship between the two to create something as unique as your district.

●        Get the project done faster. A multipurpose company, after the branding process is complete, has all that it needs to make products to your exact specifications. There’s no need to worry a piece of crucial info might get lost somehow.

Contact SportsGraphics for Sensational School Branding

The importance of great school branding in these competitive times cannot be overstated. If you’re ready to give your school an edge, give our Clarion office a call at 1-800-257-6405.