Before every sports season, you should conduct a thorough analysis of your protective equipment, or lack thereof. In addition to creating a safe environment for your athletes and fans, the proper equipment can also create an electric atmosphere. This atmosphere will give you home field advantage and establish pride in your organization.


At SportsGraphics, we offer a variety of products to help enhance brand awareness, as well as protect everyone in the area. Each of our products is handmade and inspected to ensure it meets the highest quality for your needs. Here, our experts will discuss the products you need to inspect and invest in for the upcoming winter sports season.

Wall Padding

Wall padding is perhaps the most important safety feature you can invest in for your winter athletics teams. When you choose wall padding from SportsGraphics, you are getting the highest quality products on the market. For years, in addition to mandated testing, we have conducted our own research to find out which products are best. The mats we use at SportsGraphics are proven to reduce injuries and help athletes stay safe. In addition, we can print your school’s colors, mascot, and logos directly onto the vinyl surface of your wall pads. This allows you to create an electric atmosphere within your arena while also keeping your athletes safe.

Bleacher Curtains

When you were little, you more than likely spent a lot of time playing with your friends under the bleachers. Though it may have been fun at the time, it was also incredibly dangerous. As more people have been injured by going under bleachers and falling, many schools have started to install bleacher curtains to keep their fans safe. At SportsGraphics, we create heavy-duty bleacher covers custom fit to your bleachers. Everything we make is guaranteed to work for your facility. Our bleacher curtains will keep both your fans and opposing fans safe from harm, and allow everyone to enjoy the winter sports season.

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