Many educators would agree that extracurricular sports are just as valuable as a school's academic curriculum when it comes to creating well-rounded students. There are certain things a young person learns on the field that they won’t learn in the classroom, and vice versa. It’s for this very reason that your school should also be devoted to protecting student athletes with wall mats and gym wall padding. Athletes need to feel safe in order to play at their best, and they also need to come off the court uninjured and ready to attend class the next day.

As you explore various types of gym wall padding, you may wonder whether it’s a necessity for all sports. Certain activities – volleyball, for example – are inherently no-touch. Other sports like basketball have rules in place against inappropriate use of force or contact. Do all sports require wall padding, even if there’s little risk of physical contact?

As experts in pads for gym walls and columns, our team at SportsGraphics weighs in below.

Which Sports Require Gym Wall Padding?

In our opinion, all of them. No matter what kind of sport goes on in your gymnasium – whether it’s contactless or not – wall padding should be installed to protect athletes and fans.


●        You can’t plan for the unexpected. Though your team might be as safety-oriented as can be, we all have moments of clumsiness or poor judgement. Should these happen on the court, they could lead to dire injury. Our products can make the difference between a student who laughs off a minor bump and one who outright sustains a concussion.

●        What about other teams? Again, your students might prioritize care and safety, and they may know the locations of your non-padded gym walls well from hours of practicing around them. But what about visiting competition? Desperate to prove themselves against an opposing team, these children can easily lose sight of dangerous gym areas. The only ethical thing to do is to make sure that these areas don’t exist in the first place.

●        They can boost school spirit. With customizable products from SportsGraphics, your gym can be transformed into an atmosphere of school spirit. A well-designed school brand creates an instant emotional connection with students, parents, visitors, and the community.

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