Creating a style guide for your school is crucial to establishing a brand identity for your teams. An established brand allows you to create an atmosphere for athletes, fans, and parents that brings unity, pride, and joy to your sports programs. Additionally, a style guide is crucial when you are creating graphics, clothing, and planning for advertising events. Ultimately, your brand is your school identity, and you should do everything you can to ensure you are meeting the needs and desires of your fanbase and athletes. Here, our experts at SportsGraphics will discuss important aspects to consider when creating your school’s style guide.

Create Consistency

The first thing you need to do when creating your style guide is to find the logo and colors that work best for your school’s needs and are universal across the board. Each style guide should consist of official pantone colors and fonts, as well as the desired logo and wordmarks. Consistency is key to your style guide. If you are having difficulties creating your style guide, our team can help you create a guide specific to your needs. We will take your recommendations into mind, and do what we can to ensure you get the look you desire.

Consider Where Your Style Guide Will be Most Frequently Used

Part of creating a brand identity is understanding how and where it will be used. To create the most electric atmosphere possible, it is crucial to find the perfect balance in branding. While you want your school colors, logos, and more constantly visible, you do not want it to be overbearing. At SportsGraphics, we offer graphics for a variety of products, which includes:

●        Step Graphics

●        Wall Padding

●        Custom Banners

●        Wall Graphics

●        Window Graphics


By implementing your style guide throughout your athletic facilities and school, you can create an atmosphere that extrudes pride and unity. You should consider where you will be displaying your brand while creating your style guide, as it will affect the outcome of your designing process.


In addition to these factors listed above, there are many other things to consider when creating your style guide. Visit our style guide recommendations page to learn more, or contact our office to speak with one of our graphics experts.

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