If you are operating or managing a team or organization, you know that connecting with your community and fanbase is one of the most crucial aspects to success. If your community and fanbase are not interested in or invested in your program, it will be difficult to create a unique experience, which can lead to a decrease in revenue and overall less success for your program.

There are a variety of ways you can uniquely advertise your brand and past successes to increase interest and excitement surrounding your program. Here, our safety and design experts at SportsGraphics will discuss the ways branding can help you connect your program to your community.

Make Your Community Remember Past Successes

An easy way to connect your community to your program is to tie in the past with the present. For instance, if your school or organization has a strong history in a certain sport or across several sports, you should proudly display that history. An easy way to do this is by investing in products like custom banners or wall graphics. With these products, you can request that championship years, individual accomplishments, and more are printed onto the surface. Once that is done, you can display these banners or graphics throughout the facilities with blank spots left on them.

By doing this, you may connect more with previous generations. When alumni and community members return to your facilities, they will hopefully remember fond memories when they see the past accomplishments displayed. Additionally, when athletes see past accomplishments, they may be more determined to make their own mark on program history. 

Fundraise With Your Community

Another way to enhance community engagement as well as brand awareness surrounding your program is to fundraise with the community to enhance your facilities. If your teams are playing in plain, bland arenas, it can be difficult to induce excitement and pride from both the athletes and fans at the events.


Even though our products at SportsGraphics are extremely cost-effective, you may not have money in your program’s budget to invest in any upgrades. For that reason, you should set up athlete-run fundraisers to connect with the community. Many alumni would be interested in helping your program upgrade its facilities, and it would give them a chance to get involved with the program they once loved so much. Not only does branding connect the past with the present, but it also enhances awareness and the atmosphere within your facilities and events.

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