When designing an entirely new brand for your school, there are many things to keep in mind. You want viewers to understand the concept but not be overwhelmed. It needs to be visually appealing and easily relatable for your audience.


Whether you come to SportsGraphics with a design, or you want help making one, we have all the tools you need. Once your design is finalized, we can help you show it off by branding it on various items, such as mats, wall pads, banners, wall displays, and more. Here, our experts will discuss what to keep in mind when you are designing your new brand.

●      Keep it Simple

While you want your design to pop, you don’t want it to be overstimulating. Elaborate designs may look cool and seem like the way to go, but simple designs are much better at connecting with the audience. Typically, the most successful redesigns involve your logo with some text surrounded by solid colors. If you choose to embed your logo inside a design, the surrounding area should be simple, solid colors, not a plethora that takes away from the logo itself. Simple designs are great for nearly all platforms, including wall graphics, MMA mats, and more.

●      Put Yourself Ahead of the Competition

In order to set yourself apart from the masses and gain more traction with your brand, you should stop competing and work to make yourself different from the rest. You should strive to design a logo that is different from all the schools around you. Your logo should capture the culture of your school and display it for the whole world to see. If your logo looks like every other generic logo out there, the fans will not have that heightened sense of excitement.

●      Use Your School Colors to Your Advantage

If you think about it, more than the logos or mascots, the colors your school uses to represent itself have a deeper emotional pull on fans than anything else. Those colors are displayed throughout your facilities, on every piece of clothing, and more. You should use those colors to create a striking, powerful design that captures everyone’s attention. By displaying this color-heavy design on banners, wall pads, and more, your entire fanbase can connect the instant they see the brand.

●      Tell a Story

In addition to the colors and design itself, fans, alumni, staff, and students alike take pride in the history of your program. Not only should you put your logo out there for everyone to see, you should also create custom graphics highlighting the highest parts of your program’s history. More than anything, this will create an emotional connection every time a fan sees the design.

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