While 2021 might feel better in some ways than its bully of a predecessor, it’s obvious that the children under your care are still dealing with a lot more than they usually would. The pandemic still requires strict regulations and behavior changes, and the lack of time spent in school for some districts can weigh heavily on young minds.

So how can you as an administrator help? Happy kids do better in school, and you of course care about the wellbeing of your students outside of it. You of course want to do everything you can to continue to mitigate the stress, but with as many kids as you oversee, you might feel a little flooded with ideas. How can you show you care for the emotional wellbeing and academic success of so many grades?

SportsGraphics is here to help. As school branding pros and producers of a number of branded products, we’ve been a huge part of boosting morale in districts across the nation, and we’d be proud to show you the ropes.

Stop Stress With School Spirit and SportsGraphics

You can only change what’s in your control, but luckily, when it comes to your school, you’ve got a secret weapon in your hand, one that targets all of your students: your brand. You can boost morale by using your school branding ideas to remind students of the pride they take in your institution, and how they’re never alone in whatever struggles they face. In other words, to boost school spirit!

Inspire Hope & Happiness

Consider inspirational window graphics and step graphics to give kids a boost when they need it.

SportsGraphics can provide completely customizable versions of both of these products, so whatever will encourage your students to keep their chins up we’d be more than happy to provide. There’s nothing more inspiring than stumbling upon encouragement in unexpected places.

Inspire School Pride

Don’t forget school-achievement items like gym banners.

Though not directly inspirational outside of a small group of people, they do remind students of how hard their school worked in the past and how awesome the results were. This, when coupled with other supportive decor, can set precedent for their own actions.

Promote a Safe Environment

Keep your kids feeling safe this year with new gym wall padding.

Nothing screams “this school doesn’t care about your safety” like dingy, shredded wall padding. Your children need to feel safe attending in-person teaching if they’re to feel any spark of school pride, and a global pandemic already does enough to compromise that. Show that you support their wellbeing with wall padding that protects from concussions and sends the right safety-conscious messaging.

Contact SportsGraphics for School Spirit-Building Products

Our team is as devoted to your students as we are to making quality school branding products. If your student body could use some encouragement during this tough year, give our Clarion office a call at 1-800-257-6405.