As you embark upon your next branding design, there are several items you will want to consider during the concept phase.


SportsGraphics can help you put together your entire concept and then add it to customizable branding products including mats, wall pads, banners, and wall displays.


Below are some design tips to help you get started


1. Keep Your Design Simple


The average viewer can only handle so much visual stimulation. Straightforward, minimalistic designs will connect with your crowd far better than an elaborate layout.


If you embed your logo inside the design, make sure the area around it doesn’t detract from the logo itself. Otherwise, you’ve defeated the purpose of adding the logo. In many cases, a logo usually lies in a bed of solid colors and only shares the space with text - not more design.


Simple designs work great on almost any platform - wall graphics, custom banners, MMA mats, and so forth.


2. Set Your School Apart


Marketing gurus understand one concept that every institution should follow:


Stop competing and set your school apart.


In other words, leave the competition on the field. If you want your school to stand out, then create your very own branding image that doesn’t look like every other school around you.


The best way to do this is to understand your school’s culture, language, and the athletic vibe that your sports program emulates. If you copycat what everyone else is doing, there will be no reason for your fanbase to get excited about your school’s uniqueness.


3. Take Advantage of School Colors in Branding


Fans identify with school colors as much (if not more) as they do logos and mascots. School colors make the instant psychological connection that will even affect people’s purchasing decisions.


So take advantage of this powerful element of your sports graphic design. Paint your school colors everywhere. Find ways to incorporate them into banners, floor mats, wall pads, bleacher enclosures and window graphics. This keeps everyone connected with your athletic program and builds school pride.


4. Tell a Compelling Story


What is the history of the sports program at your school? How many championships have you racked up? Who were some marquee players through the years? What was the greatest moment in your school’s history?


If so, then how are you connecting students, fans, alumni, and faculty to tell your school’s story? You can You can frame your heritage through sports graphics. If the school logo is wearing you out, then pull up some old photos. Or better yet, highlight some accomplishments and the years they happened.


Show everyone that they are part of something so much bigger than the game they’re watching right now.


Promote Your Brand With SportsGraphics


Branding design can help you take your sports team design and promote it all over campus. We offer comprehensive branding products including custom banners, window graphics, wrestling mats, bleacher enclosures, and window graphics.


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