Many schools throughout the country were built decades ago and are slowly deteriorating. Typically, the most used portions of the school, such as gyms and other athletic facilities, deteriorate more quickly. The frequent use stems from multiple, daily physical education classes, assemblies, practices, dances, games, and more.


Unless there are safety issues, your gym or other facility doesn’t need to be completely reconstructed. You can simply add some decorations or other improvements to give it a completely new feel. Simply adding additions keeps the same, nostalgic feel of the building while giving it new life.


Here, our experts at SportsGraphics will discuss simple, cost-effective ways to spruce up your old gym.

●      Add a Layer of Paint

Though it may not be noticeable at first, as your gym or other facility ages and the paint fades, it takes away from the aesthetic appeal of the space. Simply adding a splash of paint will make your school colors pop once again, heightening the fan excitement. Not only can this increase fan excitement, but it also makes the space brighter and provides the perfect backdrop for any other changes you want to make.

●      Add Wall Graphics or Window Graphics

If your gym or other facility doesn’t already have a wall mural, you should consider adding one. While professional painters cost a lot of money, we have a simple solution at SportsGraphics. For a reasonable price, we can create a custom wall graphic of your mascot or logo that can be easily adhered to one of your gym walls. With our technique, it will look as though you painted the mural while it is actually a custom adhesive.


Similar to wall graphics, we can add window graphics to make the entrance of your gym stand out. Window graphics are adhered to the outer windows of your facility and are transparent from the inside, but solid from the outside. They are an affordable way to spruce up your facility while creating brand awareness.

●      Add Bleacher Curtains or Custom Banners

Custom banners with your program’s accomplishments displayed are an easy way to create a sense of pride for fans and athletes alike when they step through your doors. Custom banners are affordable and are easy to install throughout your facility. Bleacher curtains are strung on the side of bleachers to prevent people from going underneath and getting injured. They are another way to add life to your gym by having your logo or mascot printed on the surface.

●      Add Wall Padding

Not only does custom wall padding protect your athletes and fans from collisions, it is also a great way to prominently display your brand. Wall pads are typically spread throughout each facility, protecting people from the highest risk areas. Because of this, they are easily visible, therefore a great way to brand your school and add life to your old gym.

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