Your school brand is an investment in your district’s culture, spirit, and success. When done right, it’s not something that should become less impactful with time. But certain school branding ideas just age poorly—we won’t name any, but we’re sure something just sprung to mind. On the flip side, other brand concepts are so generic that they fade into obscurity, their schools becoming just one of the many that share the same mascot.

So how can you ensure that your school brand not only lasts but remains relevant? SportsGraphics, your provider of school branding services, is here to help. Here are our top three tips for creating a long-lasting brand.

Think About Trends Critically

The school branding industry goes through trends just like any other field. While it can be tempting to latch onto these to entice and inspire students in the short term, they won’t have staying power, and you’ll end up needing to do an image revamp to prevent looking dated—and revamping one’s image too often can take away its power.

Instead of following fads, advises, “make sure the look of your brand matches your story and message.” While the advice is intended for businesses, school branding can be approached in much the same vein. Authenticity has more staying power than a trend ever will.

Practice What You Preach

Rebranding a school can be accomplished with new wall mats and window graphics, to some extent, but building up that brand’s significance in the eyes of your district takes time. There’s no way around it. For students, staff, and parents to embrace your school’s identity, you’ll need to practice the values that direct your brand every day.

By consistently demonstrating your school’s morals, you’ll build an image that stays with former students well into the future.

You can learn more about incorporating your school’s values into your branding approach in our blog on the subject.

Look to the Past to Direct the Future

What has your school historically and actionably stood for? While times and values may change, timeless brands generally do their best to stay consistent where it’s warranted. Do some digging into your school’s history to discover what has made it successful as a district—what characteristics can guide you towards brand timelessness.

SportsGraphics: Comprehensive Help With Rebranding a School

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