Sunny days and slush mean one thing, as far as athletics are concerned: spring sports season is just beginning. With a great school branding setup and the prerequisite helping-and-a-half of school spirit, your students are sure to play at their best this year.

That being said, it never hurts to give them a leg up from the competition; performing on a wow-worthy field or practicing on a court that drips school pride does wonders for the thrill of the game, after all! SportsGraphics, your Clarion provider of wall graphics, gym wall padding, and more, has a few ideas on how you can spruce up your outdoor facilities for the most incredible season yet.

New Wall Mats

It’s not just gym spaces and indoor sports that benefit from concussive injury protection; outdoor sports and stadiums do, too. Need we even cite football as an example? If your wall pads look a little beat-up, now’s a great time to get new ones attached. No-contact spring sports like baseball appreciate it, sure, but you’ll definitely want your wall pads up and running before the la-crosse teams hit the field!

In addition to their protective properties, gym wall pads are a wonderful way to boost your school brand’s power. Check out our blog on the subject for more nuanced information.

Wall Decals

Though these are frequently used indoors, the power of wall graphics extends far beyond interior borders. When they adorn the insides of locker rooms, for example, pregame huddles can be even more empowering. If game attendees need to head through your school’s interior to get to the fields out back, they can also be used to excite and hype up the crowd before anyone even files into the stands.

For more on the integral role wall graphics can play in a great school brand, check out our blog that covers them.

Bleacher Enclosures

Young children are bound to get a little wild when the weather gets warmer—who can blame them? As a school, though, it’s your job to ensure their safety while they’re on the grounds, and bleacher enclosures are the perfect thing to do that. Blocking access under the stands discourages children from running beneath them during games, getting separated from their parents, and potentially tripping and falling.

SportsGraphics: Everything You Need for a Great Spring Season

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