Few schools these days find themselves without at least one championship banner. They’re an affordable way to show off your students’ achievements to all, plus a great way to begin your school branding. On top of all that, they’re easily movable, making it a cinch to decorate for tournaments or assemblies.

However, just like with any school branding idea, there’s a right and wrong way to implement conference banners in your facility’s lasting decor.

SportsGraphics, your Clarion providers of everything from pads for gym walls to stair graphics, is here with a few tips below.

Keep Things Bright and Sparkling

In design, sure, but that’s not our main point here.

We cover effective banner creation in another blog post of ours, “Designing a Conference or Championship Banner for Your School.” If you’re looking for tips from the ground up, hustle on over there to get started.

For pre-existing banners, be sure to keep them clean.

We know it sounds obvious, but when you’re so focused on sanitizing the rest of your school, it’s easy to forget the purely decorative elements. Plus, banners sometimes have a tendency to end up hanging from the gym ceilings—out of sight and out of mind. You’d be surprised at how much more impact they have while clean, even from a distance!

Take Advantage of Their Movability

Conference banners are set apart from many other facets of rebranding a school in that they can be moved around to wherever you see fit.

So don’t just let them wither away tacked to a gym wall—take them out on the town now and again, or play with ideas for differing locations around school grounds. Both can add a bold and unexpected air to your decorating scheme, keeping your facility feeling alive and vibrant.

Think Outside the Box

Sure, championship banners are an amazing way to celebrate your school’s achievements, but showing off your school’s achievements isn’t the only use banners have.

Sometimes, a simple banner with your team’s mascot and name is just the nonspecific piece of decor you need to take up space on that empty gym wall. Maybe, on the other hand, you need one to advertise an upcoming annual school dance. The applications for custom banners are indeed seemingly endless, so don’t sell them short if you’re looking for a decor solution.

Choose SportsGraphics for School Banners

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