Remember this: the first and most important reason you create banners is to grab someone’s attention.


School Banners are designed to make broad, sweeping statements that catch the eye or turn the head in as few words or images as possible. Banners contain succinct proclamations that you make with a very tiny space in which you are attempting to lead someone into action, not just thought. They are designed to mobilize without giving much attention to the design itself.


For instance, you want to boost attendance at your upcoming wrestling event. Think about the message you want to send to the entire student body walking in and out of the main hall of the school building. Now condense that message into a three- to five-word phrase. Use action words and not just words that make people feel good.

Highlight Your Message

Make sure your message is the center point of your banner. While images, logos, and designs may instantly catch someone’s attention, they ultimately need to fixate their eyes on your three to five words. Minimize your design, create a clean negative space (background), and leave no doubt as to what you want your viewers to get from seeing the banner.


Remember, you only have a limited amount of space to work in regardless of how large your banner is. So make sure you highlight your message.

Deviate from the Norm

In the world of marketing, you are constantly pounded with maintaining a consistent brand and a consistent message. While this is 98.7% true, there are times when deviating from the norm is more effective than staying on brand. Here’s why:


When people see the same exact designs, logos, and lettering all the time, they may lose their impact. Don’t be confused—branding is essential to an organization’s marketing initiatives. However, banners give you an opportunity to mix it up a bit and create a design that nobody saw coming. Therefore, you can use your creativity to create crazy colors, wild designs, and funky lettering—whatever, captures the attentions of potential viewers. The only caveat is this: Make sure your banners do not contradict or undermine your school’s branding efforts.

Digitize Your Banner

Once you create the physical banner that you will place on campus, brainstorm with your creative team and try to figure out where you can place the banner online. What are your online marketing channels? Social Media? Emails? Your school’s website? Text messages? By distributing your banner through multiple digital channels, you can increase your market and get the word out about what you are trying to accomplish.

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